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10 Easy Ways To Lose 16 Pounds

10 Easy Ways To Lose 16 Pounds

Introduction Of 10 Easy Ways To Lose 16 Pounds .Today we’re diving into 20 things you can stop doing to help you lose 20 pounds and the first is to stop eating after dinner eating too close to bed can actually hinder your sleep quality and poor quality sleep directly increases your hunger ramon ghrelin the very next day plus.

Stop Eating Snacks

The evening is one more more insulin resistant meaning that anything we consume right before bed is more likely to be stored anyway so just by stopping the snacks after dinner you can significantly help to achieve your weight loss goal.

The second one is huge if you’re a parent and that’s to stop eating your kids snacks i know i see this with a lot of my clients kids snacks are so tempting because they typically are so refined overly processed and high in sugar so they can be quite addictive and hard to pass up but these higher sugar kid snacks tend to really spike the storing hormone insulin

And cause the body to shift out of a state of fat burning and kind of a win-win situation for this is to stock your pantry with snacks that are actually going to be better for you as well as your kids so things like palm crisps. Crisps nut butters or even cheese sticks all of these are going to be much lower in sugar better for your kids as well as for your weight loss goals

Stop Eating A Banana And Afternoon Coffee

The third is to stop eating a banana for breakfast i know it’s easy for a grab-and-go breakfast option but bananas have no protein in it and you need protein to prevent snacking later in the day you also need it for a body recomposition goal.

In fact it’s the most important food source for achieving a body recomposition goal which is where you’re losing fat but you’re maintaining or even increasing muscle mass which therefore even helps to maintain your metabolism as well and unfortunately bananas just don’t have any protein.

The fourth thing to stop doing is getting an afternoon coffee i love coffee that’s quite obvious at this point but having an afternoon coffee can end up disrupting your sleep quality even if you have no problem falling asleep after having caffeine.

It’s likely decreasing your sleep quality and making you spend less time in deep high quality sleep let me find seven more times to say high quality and bad sleep can lead to higher stress hormone cortisol levels the very next day which actually makes it harder to lose weight around the belly so

Stop Eating Breakfast Sandwiches And Drinking Juice

Fifth thing to stop doing is eating breakfast sandwiches first of all these are really low in protein usually it only has maybe a third of what you actually need from that meal but it’s also higher in refined grains that will really spike your storing hormone insulin .

So you get lower protein higher refined grains definitely not a winning combination when you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal if you’re on the go you’re much better off getting the starbucks egg bites versus the breakfast sandwiches that are often sold

The sixth thing to stop doing is drinking juice even healthy juices like green juices often have a lot of fruit juice in it and this comes packed with a lot of sugar or even something like orange juice which yes maybe has some vitamin c but has the equivalent of getting like a starbucks vanilla latte when it comes to sugar content you’re better off eating your fruit than you are drinking it.

Stop Adding Sugar

The seventh thing to stop doing is watching tv before bed when you watch tv right before bed it exposes your eyes to light and tells your body that it’s daytime this shuts off your sleep hormone melatonin from being produced which leads that poor quality sleep and all those issues that happen the very next day as a result.

The eighth thing to stop doing is adding sugar to all drinks think things like coffee or tea not only is this added sugar but it’s also sugar in a liquid form which means it’s absorbed really quickly and can cause a really big spike in our storing hormone insulin common sweetened coffees at places like starbucks are usually going to range anywhere between 30 to 60 grams of sugar don’t believe me go check out their nutrition facts it is nuts how much sugar is in those drinks so

Stop Eating Pasta And Pizza

The ninth thing to stop doing is eating pasta and pizza or at least traditional pasta and pizza and on a daily basis these are both high and refined carbohydrates that really spike the storing hormone insulin and work directly against your weight loss goal.

It’s also low in protein plus because both pizza and pasta are typically going to be rich in fat as well as refined carbohydrates it can have a really addictive nature to it and make it easy to eat beyond our body’s needs instead you can try alternatives like cauliflower crust pizza or hearts of palm pasta those are both less starchy options so you can kind of like have your pizza and eat it .

Stop Drinking Diet Soda

The tenth thing to stop doing is drinking diet soda even though it says diet and even though it is technically zero calorie many artificial sweeteners can often be just as detrimental to weight loss goals as just regular sugar if you need a soda try something that’s sweetened with monk fruit or stevia which tend to do better for the body.

When it comes to weight loss cool so clearly sweetened drinks can be a really big problem and a lot of people are getting their sugar from coffee or tea so instead of spending a ton of money on sugar sweetened teas that are really working against your weight loss goal you can really easily make your own homemade zero sugar.



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