10 Grim Milestones India Crossed In Landmark Day Of Covid Pandemic

Thousands of people queued in Mumbai, trying to leave the city before an impending lockdown.

New Delhi:
India overtook Brazil on Monday to become the second-worst hit country in terms of COVID-19 infections, bearing the brunt of a new wave fanned by crowded election rallies, religious festivals and cavalier attitudes.

Here are some of the unenviable records India broke in one day:

  1. India reported a new record in daily coronavirus infections, logging over 1.68 lakh cases.

  2. At 1.35 crore COVID-19 cases so far, India crossed Brazil’s 1.34 crore tally but remains behind America’s 3.12 crore.

  3. The total number of deaths because of COVID-19 in India crossed 1.7 lakh.

  4. Active cases hit a new high of 12 lakh.

  5. Added one lakh new active cases for the third consecutive day.

  6. Recorded all-time highs in daily infections in as many as eight states – a first this year.

  7. UP and Delhi surpassed Chhattisgarh, also one of the worst-hit states.

  8. Pune crossed 1 lakh active cases; Mumbai almost at 1 lakh and Bengaluru crossed 50,000.

  9. Cases logged in the last two weeks in all five states where elections (and crowded rallies) were held are doubling. [Kerala which reporting a 16 per cent decline is now reporting an 84 per cent growth]

  10. Around 40 lakh people were likely to have attended the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar and tens of thousands in Bengal rallies.

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