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10 “Healthy Breakfasts”

10 “Healthy Breakfasts”

Introduction Of 10 “Healthy Breakfasts”. If you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal and lose belly fat there are 10 healthy breakfasts that you really need to stop eating and that first one is oatmeal. if you’ve always thought oatmeal is like one of the best options to achieve a weight loss goal because unfortunately it really gets a health halo but quite.

Honestly it’s not really supportive of weight loss goals and that might sound absolutely blasphemous but the research that you probably heard of is usually comparing oatmeal to sugary cereals like honey nut cheerios and yes when compared to honey nut cheerios.

You’re definitely better off having the oatmeal but depending on your carbohydrate sensitivity oatmeal might not be a good option at all oatmeal is pretty glucose spiking which means that it can really elevate our storing hormone insulin.

Avocado Toast

The second breakfast food is avocado toast. Avocado is great but it’s the lack of protein that can be a huge issue with this one protein is consistently time and time again the most important factor when it comes to achieving a weight loss goal .

Because here’s the thing when you get enough protein for your body’s needs it helps to protect against muscle and bone loss during your weight loss process because you don’t want to just lose weight you want to lose body fat if you lose weight that could be from muscle or bone which could increase your risk of fractures and even decrease metabolic rate

so if you’re starting off first thing in the morning with something like avocado toast and you don’t have any high quality sources of protein with it this is really digging into your daily protein needs for the day and from what the research is showing the vast majority of people are not getting anywhere close to their complete protein needs per day.

Banana And Regular Cereal

Third breakfast food is a banana like just a banana and just running out the door and grabbing a banana is really common in fact let me know in the comments below this is something that you guys do quite a bit but just having a banana is obviously low slash non-existent in protein so you’re not going to be really satiated from that meal and you’re also missing out on the body recomposition that you need from the protein.

Fourth food is just regular cereal now with all the issues that we already have with oatmeal in place which is an unrefined or less refined grain we have refined grains and added sugar on top of all that with cereal even if we’re looking at zero sugar cereals.

Which is pretty hard to find these days we still have the issue of those cereals being made from highly processed grains and the more refined that grain is the easier it spikes the blood glucose and the easier it shifts the body out of a state of fat burning


Fifth breakfast is a fruit smoothie and i’m talking about just a pure fruit smoothie i love smoothies but i make them a little differently than that with the fruit smoothies you’ll typically see the base as some type of fruit juice like orange juice or apple juice and then it’s just loaded up with fruit.

And then blended now this is a lot more fruit than you’d be able to eat in one sitting just with something like orange juice alone that’s about four to five oranges plus any additional fruit that you’re blending in it would be pretty difficult to eat all that fruit in one sitting if you’re just eating it.

If you blend it into a smoothie you can drink up that equivalent amount of sugar which can be north of 100 grams of sugar in one fruit smoothie in just a matter of a few minutes now this is obviously really high in sugar that can spike the storing hormone insulin but it’s also high in fructose .

Orange Juice And Muffins

Six food is orange juice with anything this has the same problem as a fruit smoothie even just a small 12 ounce glass of orange juice has about 31 grams of sugar which is pretty much on par like a grande vanilla latte from starbucks but on the flip side one orange has about 12 grams of sugar and it has about three grams of fiber so to help make sure you’re not getting skyrocketing levels of sugar stick with the whole fruit instead of the juice

Seventh breakfast food is breakfast muffins most are made with highly refined grains and sugars which can cause a massive spike in the storm hormone insulin and even if it’s made with whole wheat which sounds healthier that actually has nearly the same response on our insulin levels as just regular white flour.

Low-Fat Yogurt

Eighth food is low-fat yogurt now yogurt is actually a great source of protein especially if you’re opting for greek yogurt which typically has about two to three times the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt but low-fat yogurt is typically going to be packed with sugar but even .

If you do get the unsweetened options it’s important to know that full fat dairy products have actually been found to be more protective against weight gain and obesity than the low fat options probably because when you combine protein and fat it’s way more satiating than just protein alone

Ninth breakfast food is whole wheat pancakes or waffles whole wheat is still ground and it’s the grinding process that can really spike the blood glucose levels in fact whole wheat flour ranks about 70 to 78 on the glycemic index making it a high glycemic index food not to mention these whole wheat pancakes and waffles are still going to usually be made with sugar or at the very least be topped with quite a bit of maple syrup.


Tenth food is granola this is another one of those sneaky health halo items now granola is usually made with a less refined form of grain in the format of oats but what makes granola so enticing is that it’s usually baked with quite a bit of maple syrup or coconut sugar .

Now there are different types of pre-packaged granolas you can get now that don’t have any sugar and even ones that don’t have any grains either but i like to just make my own i’ll get a mixture of my favorite nuts and seeds and add coconut flakes and cacao nibs and top it all with cinnamon and use that as my topping to my greek yogurt or cottage cheese bowls.



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