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10 Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

10 Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

Introduction Of  10 Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss. There are 10 different drinks that you can get from starbucks that actually will support your weight loss goals but there are also a lot that can cause fat storing and it’s really important to watch out for those let’s dive straight into that first one.

Starbucks Variety Of Cold Brews

Starbucks variety of cold brews so their starbucks reserve cold brew just their regular starbucks cold brew and even their starbucks cold brew with milk can all be good options now those first two options contain zero grams of carbs it’s literally just coffee and even the option with milk isn’t a bad option unless .

You’re very carbohydrate sensitive and of course if you’re using intermittent fasting it would break a fast but make sure you watch out for their actual iced coffee although you would assume you’re literally just getting iced coffee actually comes in at about 20 grams of sugar which is insane that will really drive up the storing hormone insulin.

The second great option at starbucks is an americano it’s literally just water and brewed espresso so if you’re having that as is that’s a great option depending on your goals you can also add in other items as well namely using the heavy cream or half and half are both pretty good options both contain zero grams of sugar and it won’t spike your storing hormone insulin.

So if you’re following intermittent fasting you’re purely focused on keeping insulin low you could even have this during your fasting period now you kind of have to watch out for adding in almond milk or coconut milk especially the coconut milk appears to have a lot of sugar in it the almond milk looks like it has a little bit less but it still does contain added sugar.

Regular Use Cappuccino

The third option at starbucks is anything that’s brewed coffee or espresso so if you’re literally having a shot of espresso or a dopio which is two shots of espresso or just their plain brewed coffee these don’t contain any carbohydrates or sugar it’s literally just like caffeine and water.

This fourth item is kind of more of a treat item and it wouldn’t really work for the carb sensitive folks but this is just a regular eight ounce cappuccino now because a cappuccino is made out of foamed milk it actually has less milk in it than other types of coffees so it will have about six grams of carbohydrates from milk .

Add an eight-ounce serving but it won’t have any added sugar and it will break a fast if you are using intermittent fasting but it’s not a bad option if you’re looking to switch it up you want something frothy and it’s in your eating window and you’re not carb sensitive.

Berries Vanilla Syrup

The fifth is similar to a cappuccino but with slightly higher amount of milk and that’s an eight ounce flat white or an eight ounce latte so these will have about eight and nine grams of carbohydrates from milk so if you are carb sensitive this is not one that i would recommend.

But if you do on the occasion want a latte or you want a cappuccino and it is during your eating window as long as you aren’t adding in the berries vanilla syrups or just syrups in general that can really drive up the sugar content these aren’t bad options.

The sixth option at starbucks are their plain hot teas now this is where it can get quite tricky because i’m not talking about the latte teas like a chai latte really watch out for that that has a ton of sugar i think it’s like 30 or 40 grams of sugar per serving but their chai tea not chai tea latte is just brewed tea so feel free to order that their english breakfast the mint majesty peach tranquility .

Just the pure tea options not the latte options not the london fog i think that’s what it’s called just pure tea all of the rest have a lot of added sweetener including the matcha latte the next category includes other iced coffee drinks from starbucks so the starbucks reserve nitro iced cafe americano and iced espresso.

Iced Category

The eighth option we again enter into the iced category which includes ice flat white and an iced latte with no sweeteners added in these ones will have more milk sugar so if you’re lactose sensitive if you’re carb sensitive i would not recommend it but if it’s the weekend if it’s during your eating window.

You want more of a latte experience then having one of these options will be your best bet to keep the sugar content the lowest for example a 12 ounce iced flat white will have about eight grams of carbohydrates from milk and we’re looking for the best possible option .

Because for a lot of people there is going to be the circumstance where you just want something like a latte and choosing the ice latte or the cappuccino with zero sugar added in is your best option it’s about finding those balances between what works for your body but also what works for your lifestyle.

Iced Teas

The ninth option includes iced teas this is where it’s very tricky so the ones that i vetted and i went through and checked all of them literally their entire menu or at least what’s online i don’t know if there’s like that secret menu portion where you could get other things but probably safe to say if it’s on the secret menu probably has a lot of other added sugars .

So we have ice black tea ice green tea and ice passion tango tea right yeah all of these are zero sugar so they’ll be great options the other ones have added sugar so make sure if you are choosing an iced tea you choose from one of those three options .

Now we have the tenth and that’s our iced brewed coffee this is a key distinction just remember the iced coffee just the regular iced coffee has 20 grams of added sugar as is but they’re iced brewed coffee which apparently is a little different doesn’t have any of these add-ons it’s literally just coffee over ice which is great now i personally don’t go to starbuck.



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