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10 “Healthy Foods”

10 “Healthy Foods”

Today we’re diving into 10 health foods that you’re definitely using wrong and some of this could even cause weight gain so let’s dive straight into those details .The first food is collagen collagen is a great source of amino acids for hair health for bone health for skin health but it’s not a complete protein and a lot of people are using collagen as a complete protein source like in their smoothies.

For example but since it’s not a complete source of protein your body doesn’t actually use it in the same way as it would a complete source like a protein powder or like greek yogurt so it’s perfectly fine to be adding in collagen to something like a smoothie or chia pudding but just make sure that you’re actually pairing it with a complete protein source as well otherwise this could lead to things like muscle loss or increased hunger from not getting enough protein

Vitamin D

The second health food that you’re using wrong is vitamin d if you’re taking vitamin d without getting enough vitamin k2 this can actually cause a further deficiency in vitamin k2. You need it to get calcium out of your arteries and into your bones in other words it helps to prevent calcification of the arteries and therefore heart disease and it helps improve bone health.

As a result so you definitely don’t want a deficiency of vitamin k2 thankfully there are a lot of vitamin d supplements that you can take that also have vitamin k2 in it so you’ll want to make sure to get a vitamin d and k2 combination if you are taking d as a supplement but i personally just like to make sure i’m getting a lot of k2 from my food.

You’ll mostly find vitamin k2 from grass-fed dairy products like greek yogurt or cheeses or from pasture-raised eggs or natto nato natto the fermented soy product i personally haven’t tried it so i actually don’t know how to pronounce it but it’s loaded with vitamin k2


Third food is eggs just please stop leaving out the yolk and i know there’s going to be people in the comments who say i say yolk wrong and that it’s yolk but i like the l emphasis yolk in the actual egg yolk is where you get something crucial called choline.

And you only really get it from the yolk choline is required for liver detoxification in fact a choline deficiency can even lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease because choline is required to help break down that fat around the liver but it’s also really important for brain development as well and eggs are one of the richest sources of choline in fact just three eggs per day can pretty much completely cover your daily needs when you eat the yolk.


The fourth food is salt you’re probably not having enough salt was demonized for a very long time for causing high blood pressure but too little salt can cause a lot of problems not only could this lead to issues like hyponatremia which can cause low energy or muscle aches but it’s even been studied that low salt diets can cause insulin resistance.

The more insulin resistant you are the harder it is to tap into fat burning especially if you’re using something like intermittent fasting or exercise your electrolyte needs are even higher now i like to use a pinch of celtic sea salt in my morning water to make sure i get my electrolytes in .

Then of course using it on my food throughout the day you can also use a high quality electrolyte replacement like today’s sponsor element element is a zero sugar electrolyte replacement that was created with fasting in mind like i mentioned when you are intermittent fasting your sodium requirements really increase because your body is releasing so much of it during the fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Fifth health food that you’re probably using wrong is apple cider vinegar or even just vinegar in general has been studied to help stabilize blood glucose levels after you’ve eaten but just don’t take shots of it of course vinegar is going to be more acidic.

When you take just a pure shot of apple cider vinegar you’re not going to feel so great you’re probably going to feel pretty nauseous not to mention there could be issues with your enamel but when you add vinegar into your water and dilute it it actually changes the ph and the acidity it makes it less acidic so i always like to make sure to dilute my vinegar with about eight to twelve ounces of water per every one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Activated Charcoal

The sixth health food you’re using wrong is activated charcoal now this is one that you might have noticed was really trendy for a while they’re like these activated charcoal lattes and smoothies and burger buns claiming that the activated charcoal would help to detoxify you.

While you’re eating this ice cream and it is true that activate charcoal is a really great tool for detoxification and for absorbing toxins out of the gi tract but and a huge butt here you can actually create huge nutrition deficiencies when you pair activate charcoal with your food.

So if you’re having it in a latte or you’re having it in your meal or even with your meal it’s absorbing those nutrients from your food so your body isn’t able to get access to it typically you want about a two hour window before and after you’re eating when you take activated charcoal.

Protein Powder 

The seventh is protein powder a lot of people are just having protein powder on its own and this isn’t necessarily going to serve your weight loss or even muscle gain results now from a weight loss perspective you need both protein and fat to trigger satiety and prevent sugar cravings .

Later in the day both protein and fat trigger different satiety hormones to help keep you feeling full and satisfied so if you just have protein you’re more likely to have those increased cravings later in the day not to mention it’s been studied from a fitness goal perspective .

That when you combine protein and fat you actually get more muscle synthesis or muscle creation versus when you just have protein alone so regardless of what your goal is you don’t want to just be having protein on its own you want to make sure that you’re pairing it with a fat source which is why i create protein fat and fiber rich smoothies i have so many recipes and these are so great to have as a first meal or even a lunch for that matter.

Water And Acai

The eighth health food that you’re using wrong is water. You can’t actually have too much water this is called hyponatremia and in really severe cases it can even cause death from brain swelling when you have too much water it can cause your blood sodium levels to really get diluted.

And this can cause your cells to swell up including your brain cells and this is sometimes seen in marathon runners who don’t take electrolytes when they’re having water which is why it is so important to make sure that you aren’t getting enough electrolytes with your water intake.

The ninth food you’re using wrong is acai acai is actually a really great zero sugar fruit option to be using in your smoothies or even a mix into something like chia pudding which that sounds like a great idea i have to create a recipe for that because acai is literally zero grams of sugar big goose egg but because it is zero sugar especially when you’re getting an acai bowl at a restaurant there’s typically a lot of sugar added in usually in the form of honey or bananas and typically a lot of bananas to get it really creamy.

Calcium Supplements

The 10th health food you’re using wrong are calcium supplements especially if you’re woman you might not want to be taking calcium supplements there’s been quite a few studies lately that have found calcium supplements can actually increase the risk of heart disease and this is likely because of a lack of vitamin k2 like what we talked about earlier to actually transport.

That calcium you’re taking in out of the arteries and into the bones so if the calcium is just floating around your arteries and never actually getting into your bones that could theoretically lead to increased calcification and heart disease risk this is why i personally like to get my calcium from food sources especially those that are also naturally packaged with vitamin k2 .



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