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10 Mistakes Make Gain Weight

10 Mistakes Make Gain Weight

Introduction Of 10 Mistakes Make Gain Weight . The protein that is crucial to achieving a weight loss and a body recomposition goal are those complete protein sources and if you’re tracking your smoothies in like a food tracker and you look at the total protein amount .

That it provides you this doesn’t discriminate between complete proteins and incomplete proteins so you might be thinking you’re getting a lot more protein in your smoothie than you actually are and if you’re not getting enough complete protein you’re going to be under stimulating your satiety hormone peptide yy.

And this hormone is really crucial for preventing snacking and sugar cravings that would normally work against your goals now different types of complete proteins that you might use in a smoothie would be things like greek yogurt or protein powder but it is crucial that you are getting enough complete protein in your smoothie.

Adding Honey Or Dates

The second huge smoothie mistake that you’re probably making is that you’re adding in honey or dates now sometimes we tend to forget that food sources like honey or dates are actually really significant sources of sugar and when you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal you don’t want to over stimulate the storing hormone insulin .

And it turns out that sugar is the biggest stimulator of our storing hormone insulin and causes the body to shift directly into that state of fat storing and just one date one single date has 16 grams of sugar and one tablespoon of honey has 17 grams of sugar so if you’re adding in like two to three dates that’s an extra 32 to 48 grams of sugar just from those dates that is a huge amount of sugar.

Using High Sugar Fruits

Third mistake and it’s that you’re using high sugar fruits in your smoothie now this is especially a problem because not only are high sugar fruits high in sugar but they’re also blended into a smoothie making a lot easier to get a lot more of that fruit in than.

You normally would if you’re eating the fruit whole and some fruits are really crazy high in sugar for example just one cup of mango has about 31 grams of sugar that’s already a huge amount but imagine that you’re also adding in honey or dates .

On top of that we’re looking at a smoothie that’s going to have about 100 grams of sugar and how much sugar your body can tolerate will really depend on your own individual carbohydrate sensitivity.

Not Treating Your Smoothie As A Meal

The fourth mistake is you’re not treating your smoothie as a meal if you’re not treating your smoothie like a meal then you’re not going to get satisfied from it the same way you would as a meal if it’s void of the necessary protein and fat to raise your satiety hormones you’re going to be hungry again within 30 minutes to two hours after your smoothie.

In fact i know there’s going to be some of you guys who are like i can’t get full or satisfied from a smoothie i guarantee you it’s because you’re not treating it as a meal you might be throwing in like greens and an apple maybe water or fruit juice and that’s pretty much it .

You’re not really getting a significant source of protein and fat that are needed to raise your satiety hormones and keep you satisfied for multiple hours at a time this is why on this channel we really emphasize the protein and fat components.

Using Oat Milk And Bananas

The fifth mistake is that you’re using oat milk as the base .Oat milk is incredibly high in starches that’s why it tastes so good because those starches essentially just break down into sugar in fact depending on the brand .

One cup of oat milk will have about 20 grams of starches add that on top of the high sugar fruit add that onto the date and we’re really getting high in these starches and sugars.

The sixth smoothie mistake is that you’re using a lot of bananas and this is something i see often at a lot of smoothie restaurants especially like the trendy smoothie restaurants is that they’ll have like all these fancy superfoods in there like spirulina or ashwagandha.

Then put like three bananas in and they do this to make it taste really sweet and also to give it that sense of creaminess but two to three bananas will have anywhere between about 29 to 43 grams of sugar and especially if you’re carb sensitive.

Using Collagen Powder

The seventh mistake is that you’re using collagen powder instead of protein powder collagen is a great supplement it’s a great source of specific types of amino acids but it’s not a complete protein so you still don’t get those benefits of the complete protein .

And therefore it can’t be counted toward your complete protein total so you can still use collagen in your smoothie if you’d like but make sure that you’re not replacing your complete protein sources with it.

Not Adding In Enough Fats

The eighth smoothie mistake is that you’re not adding in enough fats this is one help to prevent those sugar cravings that would normally work against your goals not to mention a study found that when you combine protein and fat you actually get more muscle synthesis.

Which means muscle creation than just protein alone so if you’re working out and you want to actually see the benefits of those workouts it’s even more important to make sure that you’re combining protein and fat great sources include avocado chia seeds peanut butter coconut butter flax seeds.

Not Making Swaps

The ninth smoothie mistake is that you’re not making swaps when you order smoothies at restaurants don’t just take their word for it that it’s healthy make sure you actually look at the ingredients that they have in that smoothie because 9 out of 10 times .

There are going to be a few of these mistakes whether it be there’s not a protein source or they’re adding in honey or dates or a lot of bananas and at most smoothie restaurants they’re going to give you the opportunity to make swaps or to add in something so don’t be afraid to make those substitutions especially if you’re working toward a weight loss goal.

Using Coconut Water As Base

The 10th smoothie mistake is that you’re using coconut water as the base now this is especially important if you are really carbohydrate sensitive if you’re not as carbohydrate sensitive you could probably get by with coconut water.

I mean it’s not going to be nearly as high in sugar as fruit juice which is definitely something you don’t want to be using because about 10 ounces of coconut water has around 8 grams of sugar and this can really start to add up if you are carb sensitive instead really great options include.

Really the whole spectrum of unsweetened nut milks or seed milks so like hemp seed almond milk coconut milk cashew milk just make sure that you’re choosing the unsweetened option.



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