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5 “Cheat Day” Foods

5 “Cheat Day” Foods 

Introduction Of 5 “Cheat Day” Foods .Today i’m sharing five foods that don’t really help you achieve a weight loss goal but are great to have as a weekend option as more of a treat meal .The first food is pizza. I studied abroad in italy studying the mediterranean diet and i ate a lot of pizza during that time although pizza tastes amazing.

First Food Is Pizza

Especially when it’s homemade it’s really low in protein and really high in refined starches and this combination can make it really easy to over eat pizza beyond what the body actually needs which is why it shouldn’t be something that’s eaten on a regular basis not only is it easy to overeat .

But it’s also really high in insulin spiking processed carbohydrates so if you choose to have it make sure you keep it as a treat that you specifically have on a treat meal and i’m emphasizing treat meal over treat day there’s a big difference and this is actually the biggest mistake .

iI see people make when it comes to cheat days or cheat meals so if you haven’t already definitely make sure. How to actually approach treat meals for weight loss goal. Now when you do go to habit to help kind of buffer the response.

Cauliflower Pizza Is A Great Option

Your body will have to the pizza you’ll want to first have some type of protein based appetizer thankfully at a lot of pizza restaurants this is kind of easy you could get things like wings or meatballs and have that as a side appetizer before you have pizza this helps to get the protein content up a little bit higher.

And helps prevent some of that overeating now if you are carb sensitive this isn’t something i would really recommend until the body becomes less carb sensitive or less insulin resistant but cauliflower pizza is a great option to do instead in fact most of the items that we’re going to be going through today aren’t really great for carb sensitive folks at least in the beginning of their journey .

So if you think you might be carb sensitive you might want to hold off on some of these treat items until you get a little bit closer to your goal but a high quality cauliflower pizza that can actually even be eaten on a daily basis .

Second Food Is Pasta

The second food is pasta again i studied abroad in italy. I ate a lot of pasta during that time i also felt pretty crummy a lot of the time when i was there because i was living off a college budget and pretty much just having like pasta with tomato sauce or like a cheese pizza it wasn’t a great diet now depending on the type of pasta .

Which there’s obviously a lot of different ways to make pasta this can often also be very low in protein and very high in refined starches which makes it really easy to overeat just like with the pizza and actually many pasta alternatives have the same issue because they still tend to have some type of process refined carbohydrate .

That they’re using as a base so if you’re having this as a treat meal on the weekend you’ll want to make sure that you’re going for more protein rich options like spaghetti and meatballs versus just marinara sauce but you can have some vegetable based pasta alternatives on a daily basis zucchini noodles spaghetti squash hearts of palm.

Bone Broth Rich In Collagen

Those are all great options that you could have that pasta type of meal but have it still support your weight loss and wellness goals and having protein in general is really important to help boost satiety and prevent overeating and another way to naturally boost satiety is by pairing your protein with bone broth.

Like today’s sponsor kettle and fire bone broth is really rich in collagen and it’s been found that when you combine collagen rich foods with the complete protein source like chicken beef eggs etc this actually helps to make you even more satiated than just the protein alone there are a ton of different ways that you can use bone broth.

I know a lot of my clients like to just sip it on the side of their meal to get their collagen in while they’re also getting their complete protein in i personally like to add it into recipes so i’ll make a lot of different soups or stews or chilies last year i shared my spicy bone broth chili and i used kettle virus chipotle beef bone broth.

And it really helps take that chili to the next level and unique to kettle and fire they simmer their beef bones for over 20 hours to really make sure they’re getting as much collagen out of those bones as possible and although chipotle beef is my personal favorite they have a ton of different flavors.

Third Food Is keto Ice Cream

The third food that you should keep to the weekend or to those treat meal days is keto ice cream now i’m specifying the keto ice cream because it doesn’t actually use true sugars which would make you think that you might be able to have this on a daily basis.

The sweet flavor of the non-nutrient or zero calorie sweeteners that are used in keto ice cream can still tend to lead to a decreased satiety and a tendency of overeating but they are much better options than the traditional ice cream which will be loaded with sugar so having a keto ice cream or sugar-free ice cream.

On the weekend could be a good treat item on those treat meal days now on the flip side those really rich really sugary types of ice creams i typically recommend keeping those to special occasions not on a weekly basis because they are so packed with sugar and they are so rich in fat that that combination is so easy to lead to what’s called a bliss point which essentially acts as addictive behavior and makes it hard to stop eating ice cream.

 Fourth Food Is Bread

okay the fourth food item is bread especially if you’re insulin resistant or you’re having difficulties losing weight bread is made from processed flour that’s been ground it’s really easy to digest and so there’s not much slowing it down .

And it doesn’t lend too much satiety either so you’re not going to get really fuller satisfied and it’s going to be more insulin spiking especially when eaten on a daily basis like if you’re having a daily sandwich and it’s not to say you can never have bread but if making a homemade sourdough bread or having a little bit of bread along with your dinner is something that you really truly love.

You’re not going to eat the entire bread basket before your dinner comes now if you are carb sensitive you will still be better off with lower carbohydrate options like making homemade flax spread or you may have seen those cauliflower thins where it’s made from just cauliflower eggs.

Fifth Food Is Healthier Cookies

Fifth food to keep to the weekend are healthier cookies and i’m talking about those not made with flour now i have my peanut butter grain free cookie recipe that you guys probably have seen me talk quite a bit about this is from my original complete intermittent fasting bundle it’s included in those programs.

It doesn’t use any flour it uses peanut butter as the base but it does use a bit of honey and obviously chocolate chips so because it doesn’t have that refined flour it is going to be more slowly released into the body and you’re not going to get as much of that insulin spike the way you would .

When you combine flowers with sugar but it still does contain added sugar in the form of honey so while working toward a weight loss goal this isn’t necessarily something that you want to have during the week rather keeping it as a treat meal item on the weekend.

Now when you have achieved your weight loss goal and if you aren’t very carbohydrate sensitive this is something that you can be a little bit more flexible with as an occasional treat even during the week but when working toward a weight loss goal even these healthier cookie items.



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