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5 Intermittent Fasting MICRO HABITS

5 Intermittent Fasting MICRO HABITS

Introduction Of 5 Intermittent Fasting MICRO HABITS. Intermittent fasting is a really great tool to help you achieve a weight loss goal i’ve used it for well over five years many of the people following my intermittent fasting programs have seen a ton of great success as well.

Setting An Alarm For Your Breakfast And Your Lunch

But whether you’re new or you’ve been using intermittent fasting for a while there are five little micro habits that you can start adding today to really start to ramp up your results let’s dive straight into those five micro habits. Now these micro habits are all about creating a new routine because that’s the biggest thing that’s changing with intermittent fasting.

You’re changing the routine of how you would normally eat in a day you’re not necessarily eating less you’re eating less often which means when you’re eating will shift this was personally one of the hardest things for me because i had such a routine down of when i would work out when i would eat the ritual of making my morning smoothie.

So actively creating a new routine with intermittent fasting can go miles with seeing success with intermittent fasting so that first micro habit to kind of reset your routine and see major success with intermittent fasting is setting an alarm for your breakfast and your lunch .

Protein Intake And Muscle Loss

You can do something like setting a recurring alarm on the calendar section of your phone this is actually a tip i give to a lot of my clients who are just starting intermittent fasting to actually set a recurring almost like a meeting so that your phone will alert you.

When it is that it’s time for you to eat your breakfast and when it is for you to eat your lunch so if you’re a beginner having that first alarm to let you know when it’s time to break your fast is really useful but if you’re not a beginner actually that second alarm or the second reoccurring reminder telling you .

When to eat your lunch is even more important i’ve just seen this with a lot of intermediate level intermittent fasters where their hunger level just starts to go down which does naturally occur with intermittent fasting and they start to forget to eat their middle meal or their lunch this can be a problem it can result in too little protein intake and muscle loss and slower metabolism .

Water And Electrolytes Is So Important

So it is important to make sure you are getting that middle meal in if you split your meals that way and just even setting that reminder for when your lunches can be really useful okay the second micro habit is to keep a water glass out i mean like literally where you can visually see it all the time when you intermittent fast you lose a lot of water and sodium during the fasting period.

Which means you can get dehydrated quite easily which is why having both water and electrolytes is so important but especially during your fast when you are losing the most amount of water especially if you are working out during the fast so a good little micro habit to do is just always keep your water glass out or if you have a water bottle keeping that out as well.

Or having both this one i actually noticed is a little too short for me i used to use those big mason jars but then recently as a wedding gift we got these glasses and i thought they were really cute and they are really cute but i have noticed i’m not drinking as much water.

Lower Insulin Level

So i need to go back to my mason jars but having it out is a great reminder to be like okay i need to drink some water and to help replace the water that was lost during your fast what i even do is especially the night before i’ll fill up a glass of water and i’ll leave it out on my countertop in my kitchen.

Where i know i’ll see it as i’m walking out to go to the gym that way i can make sure to have some water before i go to work out i just have to grab it i don’t even have to fill it up in the morning which i know sounds extremely lazy but when it’s like 5 30 in the morning those little things add up.

But in addition to water replacing the electrolytes is just as important because with that lower insulin level while fasting you do lose a lot of sodium as well as water which can lead to things like headaches or low energy levels which is where today’s sponsor element can be really useful element is an electrolyte supplement that was created with fasting in mind.

Lime And Orange

It actually has the sodium the magnesium and the potassium to help your body replace those lost electrolytes and what i particularly love about them is that they also have an unflavored option in addition to all their fantastic flavored options too.

I like to use the unflavored option during my fast i’ll usually have this one after i work out especially if it’s been a particularly sweaty workout but i also use their flavored options during my eating window so i really like their lemon habanero their mango chili but they also have traditional flavors like lime and orange .

And the raspberry salt is also really great and it’s really easy to use you literally just tear up in the package dump it in your water you give it a shake and it’s ready to go right now element is offering my viewers a free sample pack with any order that’s eight single serving packets free with any element order it’s a great way to try all eight flavors of element.

Use Peppermint Tea Bags

You can get yours at forward slash autumn this deal is only available through my link so you must go to d r i n k l m n t dot com forward slash autumn okay the third micro habit to really ramp up your success with intermittent fasting is to use mint tea mint tea can actually act as a natural appetite suppressant.

So if you struggle with cravings or just get the munchie feeling after you eat dinner mint tea can help replace that usual habit of reaching for something in the pantry and instead creating that ritual around making the mint tea and then sipping on the mint tea.

Because sometimes we just even need something to do with our hands i have a mint plant which grows like a weed if you have any type of planting space it’s a great one to plant because it will grow non-stop and you’ll have plenty of venti options so what i do is i just boil some water.

Then i pour it on top of the fresh mint leaves and then i just let it sit for about five minutes and that’s it super simple but you can also use peppermint tea bags as well as long as there’s zero sugar in it and the mint tea doesn’t break a fast so it’s a great thing to replace the dessert or the snacking items like popcorn.

Suppress Your Hunger Levels

In the evening when you are fasting okay the fourth micro habit is huge especially if you’re a beginner or even not a beginner but i know i’ve fallen victim to this as well is to not watch food related shows or instagram posts during your fast at least in the beginning one thing that a lot of people will note when they have been using intermittent fasting for a while .

I can personally attest to this as well is that you no longer really get hungry during the fast your body becomes more efficient at using fat as fuel which can start to suppress your hunger levels which is great but in the beginning as your body is shifting from using more carbohydrates or fast energy sources to using fat as fuel that can take a few days to a couple weeks.

If you are watching things like food videos or food shows like cooking shows iron chef anyone this can actually start to stimulate digestive processes and make you even more hungry so it’s a good rule of thumb keep those shows to your eating window or at least wait until you’ve gotten more adjusted to intermittent fasting.



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