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5 Protein Mistakes Causing Gain Weight

5 Protein Mistakes Causing Gain Weight

Introduction Of 5 Protein Mistakes Causing Gain Weight. If you’re using protein to achieve a weight loss goal it’s really crucial that you don’t make these five mistakes otherwise it could completely work against your weight loss goal and that first mistake is actually getting enough protein protein has been studied to be extremely useful for achieving a body composition goal.

Which is where you’re losing body fat but not losing muscle and that’s exactly what you want when you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal you don’t want to lose muscle you want to lose body fat but not too many people are actually getting enough protein to reap those body recomposition benefits .

Body Recomposition Benefits

In fact most people think they’re getting more than enough and unfortunately this is based off of the guidelines amount of protein needed per day which is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight this amount was never intended to be like a golden rule for how much protein you need to maximally perform and achieve weight loss goals instead it was really just meant to be not to get a protein deficiency.

When in reality those studying protein are finding that a minimum of one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is needed and even this is still low for most people even if you’re just like moderately very very low level of activity in reality it’s closer to 1.2 as a minimum.

But on top of that protein is also needed to prevent hunger and snacking because when we eat protein it releases a satiety hormone called peptide yy and when that’s high it tells our brain that we aren’t hungry and we don’t need to eat so it also helps to shut off sugar cravings that we might experience that would work against weight loss goals.

Not All Proteins Are Equal

The second huge mistake is counting all proteins as protein not all proteins are equal and not all proteins should be counted towards your total protein means for example collagen is often used in smoothies as a protein source when it’s not actually a complete protein so your body doesn’t use it.

In the same way that it would like greek yogurt or whey protein so when working towards your protein needs per day you want to make sure that the vast majority of that’s coming from complete protein sources otherwise you’re not actually really getting those body root composition perks that you’re looking for.

So if you do eat animal products it’s pretty easy to make sure you’re getting complete sources from fish yogurt eggs chicken meat but if you’re purely plant-based you want to make sure that you’re opting for the highest quality protein sources available to you which means prioritizing complete proteins from plant-based sources so this would be things like from protein powders.

Fermented Soy Products

Fermented soy products and also making sure that it’s a high protein which is really just a scoring system it tells you how much protein you’re really even digesting from the protein that you’re eating but for example some of the higher score proteins from plant-based sources would be things like green peas edamame protein powders.

Soy and fava beans interestingly potato is actually really high on the diet score but it comes packed with so many starches that it’s not necessarily something that would work for your weight loss goal although i think i have even seen that for plant-based proteins there’s like potato protein powder question mark but if you are purely plant-based.

Specific Protein Powder

The third protein mistake is something that’s protein powder specific and it’s actually knowing your protein powder serving size for example if a protein powder is advertised as having 20 grams of protein you need to make sure you know how many scoops of that protein equals 20 grams or what’s considered.

One serving i see this happen with a lot of my clients in a and peeps oftentimes something like a whey protein powder typically requires two scoops for one serving many plant-based protein powders on the other hand are usually going to be one scoop is a serving.

Because of this if you’re going from like a plant-based protein and switching to a whey protein you might just assume that one scoop is one serving and then you’re only getting half of what you intended so just make sure you check what the actual serving size is if you’re using protein powder so that you know you’re getting what you’re intending on getting.

Eating Less Protein

The fourth huge mistake is eating less protein as you age for some reason a lot of people think that you need less protein when you get older it’s assumed that because you’re maybe less active that you don’t need as much protein this is not true in fact your needs are likely about 25 higher than they used to be.

This is because as we age we start to lose bone and muscle pretty quickly so you’re already working in essentially a protein deficit so for most people when you start to experience bone loss at an accelerated rate which is usually around the age of 50 you really want to make sure that you’re hitting your daily protein needs from complete sources so this might be more on the side of 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Working Against Your Goals

The fifth protein mistake that’s working against your goals is that you don’t actually have these proteins on hand if they’re not there you’re not going to eat them and protein tends to be the most time consuming to prep especially from animal based sources where you need like 20 or 30 minutes .

If you’re baking and if you’re in a pinch and you just need something you need to make sure you have fast easy available protein sources preferably that are pre-cooked some of my favorites obviously include protein powder which you can just toss in a smoothie or stir into yogurt to increase the protein content hard-boiled eggs or those pre-cooked egg bites greek yogurt cottage cheese.

Which i have actually seen that there’s even plant-based greek yogurt options now too that are actually high in protein and then rotisserie chicken is really great because it’s pre-cooked and all you have to do is pair off pieces and add it into your lunch and you’re good to go beef sticks are another one.



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