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7 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need To Use

Introduction Of 7 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need To Use

7 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need To Use. What happens with that leads to cellular wear and tear it’s called oxidative stress that takes the heart of the cell that can cause chronic degenerative diseases anyone who er but no one wants what I feel here despite Science Today Health is super modern and evolved and we are a supplement for all kinds of things medicine is for a lot of things.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Also Help You Strengthen The Immune System

I feel that despite that All thanks to God that’s why we still have to resort to everything or I live in life the key to a long life is to resort to what is natural what is in our hands what is simple and clear pulling the fire here for me sardines are good food in my opinion that it will make you live longer and better Despite and thank God for the modernists.

That there are all over the world, you know what today has to make you live longer but if you have a good diet I guarantee you your life will be better and more long without in a more fluid healthier way you are your best doctor you know you know the ones And you have to and from your food your best medicine now I’m going to show you.

What are the seven super anti-inflammatory foods to put without in your day the day is super easy and practical to get rid not only of the disease but of the pain because if it depends on me it doesn’t hurt at all and there’s also something else anti-inflammatory foods also help you strengthen the immune system who doesn’t want to something like this?

The Magic Foods That Are Super Anti-Inflammatory

I want and you’re sure you don’t but before revealing which are the Magic foods that are super anti-inflammatory and that will get you out of pain don’t like this video and subscribe to the channel So let’s understand what a diet has rich in anti-inflammatory foods and what it can be part of my list starts with the super anti-inflammatory herb that.

I always have it at home and the secret is that the more you use it the more anti-inflammatory this potential is super cockroach I love it and it the super aromatic you know I’m super attached to smells they remind me of places that refer me to people you know the containment my plate I don’t know must be connected to some experience in my childhood But I love it.

When there ‘s oregano in the food It may seem super banal, right, if it’s there, it’s not even worth it but believe me, you have to give a lot of value to this aromatic herb that is very very inflammatory but also antibacterial so you can even gargle with it tea for sore throat But in this case I will teach you a tea that.

Anti-inflammatory to set your body free from inflammation

You will drink every time in the afternoon, for example, on a cold day this tea is super anti-inflammatory and the more times you make it, the greater its ability to be anti-inflammatory. inflammatory in your body I understand, so you don’t need to use oregano just in pasta, right in tomato sauce, you can make oregano tea very tasty super anti-inflammatory oregano. You Can Also Read The Best Guide To Loss Weight Instant In Diet In 2022.

Because it has bioactive compounds such as carvacrol last sun, for example, that act as antioxidants decreasing the damage done to the cell over time with inflammation so if you want something anti-inflammatory to set your body free from inflammation Fabi it’s simple oregano easy but remembers it doesn’t have to be complex and difficult complications to be good it’s natural it’s from God it’s good and to make the tea.

It’s super simple you put a tablespoon of oregano the same one you use to cook and complete it with 250 ml of hot water but not boiling as you will not spoil the bioactive compounds there You cap it and wait 5 minutes to release all the benefits in the water and crown to remove the leaves, pull it to taste and just drink it but then you ask then ok but I can put oregano in other things Obviously, for example.

Anti-inflammatory food that combines super with oregano

The omelet looks wonderful and you get all the benefits of oregano if you put it in the omelette now you don’t even count where you put the time that is not worth yours in the fries now here’s one tip the oregano is dry but not old so sir it’s not very old It could be that the bioactive compounds I’m afraid although evaporated so be careful it’s for you consume.

A lot so you don’t have leftovers, understand And from this video, I’m sure there won’t be leftovers, you’ll be missing I don’t want to miss out either, you always put on the missing shopping list and there’s not even a look at your house you’ve spent you’ve spent now this thing of oregano reminded me of another super anti-inflammatory food that combines super with oregano and is very rich in lycopene.

A highly anti-inflammatory substance that is very rich wherever it is in tomatoes. More redness per tomato more lycopene it has in tomato lycopene it is super anti-inflammatory and helps you protect your bone cells from cell death preventing And treating osteoporosis isn’t it calcium it and after it is delicious and able to help you prevent and protect your skin from.

Spend Money On Food

The damage caused by the sun by helping to create more melanin so you get golden without skin problems in the summer and prevent cellular degeneration related to the prostate or breast cancer and there’s another wonderful thing that is it works almost like a detoxifier helping you to get rid of the herbicides and pesticides present in the other foods you eat now it has to be a tomato free of pesticides.

It’s going to be an organic one, Ah but damn it’s expensive is more and the other but damn it is better to spend money on food than medicine no I think I love tomatoes in my house I always use them a lot even on bread I put tomatoes even I go for breakfast like this And then I get tomato, put it in the frying pan and a little olive oil and a lot of oregano is very tasty and then.

I remove even the skin you know to make it easier to eat and put it on top of the slice of bread is like this, oh, delicious the tomato has a lot of lycopene one and lycopene The red pigment of the tomato so it is easy to know that the riper the tomato the more it recovers so a way to consume a lot of lycopene is in tomato sauce I have a recipe super simple.

Vitamins and minerals that are food

Which I love to make at home when there are a lot of tomatoes. Especially when it’s tomato season, which I know is used very little or if you don’t need to use herbicide pesticides to make the tomato grow, I buy the tomato when it’s in season. good thing So to make the sauce I have a super simple recipe just hit the blender with a carrot and when the tomato fits in your blender here I put 10 tomatoes So I grind it all up and then put it in the pan until that refined one you know you can freeze it and use it to make.

Whatever you want I’m even a lot like tomato soup I open one like this and I love it when my tomato is like this more rotting God forbid I throw away lycopene what do I do I put it straight in the freezer when I don’t feel like making the sauce and when it’s time to do anything I take the frozen tomato to throw it in the pan and undo it and it transforms naturally like this instantly in one eye in my house.

There’s no space to waste go away lycopene Ah let me tell you something anti-inflammatory foods to be without Of course not having doubts are those foods that help not to spoil that’s basically what for new people we won’t no way eh eh it gets older but it doesn’t have to be bad it doesn’t have to be spoiling so it’s about vegetables fruits and vegetables.

Turmeric in the food

That have bioactive compounds that are substances that go beyond calories from vitamins and minerals that are food that can interfere with the body’s natural metabolic processes preventing ageing and reducing oxidative stress that leads to cellular degeneration and damage and disease EA pain understood that’s why we are going to invest in an anti-ageing diet -inflammatory.

I went to talk about anti-inflammatory substances and here is one of the most anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances on the planet turmeric curcumin present here is amazing and where you can use turmeric in rice to turn rice yellow no beans in tomato sauce And so the shorter you use it, the more curcumin you send in, the greater.

The anti-inflammatory potential and there is like, you can even test the anti-inflammatory potential of turmeric and do a sitz bath with a tablespoon of turmeric a litre of water does not drink even in the warm skinny basin 60 there a little s and if you have haemorrhoids, um, there’s nothing better than turmeric normally we absorb curcumin better than the bioactive substance responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric with pepper but don’t sit on the pepper if you have it when your haemorrhoid because I wouldn’t do that now you to eat put turmeric in the food.



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