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7 Expert Tips To Lose 10 Pounds

7 Expert Tips To Lose 10 Pounds

Introduction Of 7 Expert Tips To Lose 10 Pounds. How do you lose the last 10 pounds let’s dive straight into those seven expert tips .The first is to challenge your muscles specifically with some type of resistance training even light resistance training i can’t underscore this enough this can significantly help to break through a weight loss plateau.

Consistent With Sleep Schedule

The second expert tip is to get consistent with your sleep schedule sleep is vital to achieving any type of wellness or weight loss goal and some pretty crazy things happen when you don’t get enough sleep first your hunger hormone ghrelin really goes up.

So obviously if you’re more hungry that’s going to make it more difficult for you to achieve a weight loss goal poor sleep also increases the stress hormone cortisol so especially if you’re specifically looking to lose weight around the belly you don’t want really high levels of cortisol because this is specifically tied to weight gain around the belly.

The third is to compress your eating window or in other words use intermittent fasting now this specifically helps the body to burn fat because intermittent fasting helps to reduce the storing hormone insulin during the fasted state so when you are fasting it helps to really ramp up the fat burning process.

Use Intermittent Fasting

There are problems with consistently high levels of that storm hormone insulin in those situations it can make it harder to lose weight around the belly because it can lead to something called insulin resistance and even constantly throughout the day and not having some type of fasting period each day can make it.

So insulin is always going to be high or at least released throughout the day. It’s helped literally thousands of men and women around the world and is a really great resource especially if you’re new to intermittent fasting

The fourth expert tip is to up your protein probably pretty significantly now when we’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal you’re not really looking to achieve a weight loss goal you’re looking to achieve a fat loss goal because the other portions of weight include muscle and bone.

Obviously you don’t want to be losing that type of weight weight loss from bones can lead to osteoporosis or increased fractures or injuries and weight loss from muscle can reduce your basal metabolic rate and make it so it’s harder to achieve a weight loss goal.

Getting Enough Protein

In the future getting enough protein for your body’s needs helps to protect your muscles and bones from breaking down while your body is actually using fat as fuel but the key is that you’re actually getting enough and enough of the right types of proteins and most people think they’re getting way more protein than they actually are getting get it way so if you haven’t calculated your protein needs .

If you really struggle with feeling satiated from your meals pairing protein with some kettle and fire bone broth like in soups or stews or chilis can really help you to feel more satisfied kettle fires made from bones that have been simmered for over 20 hours to make sure they’re getting all of that collagen goodness out they also come in a ton of different flavors to fit a variety of different meals the chipotle beef you guys have heard me talk a lot about it’s my personal favorite.

Remove Hyperpalatable Foods

The fifth tip is to remove hyperpalatable foods kind of a big word but it’s something you’re seeing everywhere hyperpalatable foods or really processed and refined foods were literally designed to make it so you become addicted to them and we naturally have this satiety system within our body to make us feel full and to prevent us from overeating this is when we eat enough protein and fat .

It raises our satiety hormones peptide yy and cck but this natural satiety system gets completely bypassed by certain types of foods and it’s when you combine really sweet flavor with fat and sometimes salt that makes it such an intense flavor bomb that it can bypass our normal satiety and lead us to overeat.

You see this in a lot of foods like ice cream cakes crackers and even a lot of keto treats where they’re inherently going to be high in fat but then they use some type of zero calorie sweetener that technically doesn’t have sugar but is so sweet that it can still trigger this addictive point.

Stop Eating Snack

The sixth tip is to not snack this kind of goes along with intermittent fasting now snacks weren’t really designed to make you satisfied they rarely have enough of the protein and fat that you would need from a full meal to feel satisfied and especially the snacks that are rich in just carbohydrates or just fat or what i call isolated forms of carbs or isolated forms of fat.

Because it doesn’t have the protein along with it it can never really trigger full satiety and make it so that you’re eating beyond what your body really needs this is why eating something like nuts even though it’s a healthier food item can sometimes lead to overeating .

It’s pretty much just a pure source of fat or on the flip side just having fruit doesn’t have any of the protein or fat for that matter to feel satisfied so you’re going to eat more and more of it so if you are using intermittent fasting you’ll want to make sure you’re sticking to meals and not grazing throughout the day.

Raises The Blood Glucose Level

The seventh expert tip is to watch what’s in your liquids it’s really easy to load up on sugar and liquids without having any idea coffee cocktails energy drinks or iced teas and kombuchas they can all really sneakily start to add up with sugar and sugar sweetened drinks are some of the biggest spikers of our storing hormone insulin because there’s nothing slowing it down.

So it’s just rushing into your blood supply which really raises the blood glucose level and really raises insulin as a result now on the flip side you guys know i love my keto coffee but if you’re at a weight loss plateau and you’ve already addressed all of the other factors you might want to consider these isolated forms of fat as well this means making sure that.

Whenever you have fat you have it along with protein so that you can really make sure you’re getting satiated and not eating beyond what your body needs and since keto coffee uses butter and coconut oil these are isolated forms of fat and don’t have protein along with it so you can test out either reducing the amount of butter coconut oil in your keto coffee and protein powder etc.



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