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7 Hormones Cause Gain Weight

7 Hormones Cause Gain Weight

Introduction Of 7 Hormones Cause Gain Weight. Hormones are messengers within your body that do a lot of things one of them being either telling your body to burn fat as fuel or to be storing that energy so today i’m going to be sharing the seven hormones. Now the first hormone that can cause you to gain weight is cortisol.

Cortisols Are Stress Hormone

Cortisols are stress hormone and consistently high levels of cortisol throughout the day has been linked to weight gain specifically around the belly but you also don’t want cortisol low all the time you want to have a natural peak of cortisol in the morning that helps to provide your body energy to get your day started.

Then you want it to slowly go down throughout the day what you don’t want is to see it high and then staying high throughout the day so ways that you can naturally balance your cortisol levels is to first of all not have caffeine beyond 2 pm or 12 p.m.

If you’re caffeine sensitive this can cause a little bit of a spike in cortisol when you normally want it to be dipping down another strategy is to not eat so much added sugars added sugars cause our blood glucose to go up and down rather than staying stable and when our blood glucose is low our body really starts to crank up cortisol to help bring that blood glucose back up so by getting the blood glucose levels more stable it can help to also balance cortisol.

Second Hormone Cause Gain Weight Is Insulin

The second hormone that can cause you to gain weight is insulin and specifically high levels of insulin now insulin is our storing hormone and it’s primarily released in our body when we eat and specifically mostly release when we eat various carbohydrates it’s also released to a smaller amount with protein intake.

But it has zero response with fat so when insulin is high the fat burning process called lipolysis is turned off which means that instead of burning fat the body is storing fat now you need some amount of insulin in order to store food as well but consistently high levels of insulin causes the body to stay in the state of storage mode.

Rather than ever getting into that state of fat burning so a few ways to balance out insulin is to first of all eat less frequently this is where intermittent fasting can be useful the amount of insulin spiking foods so the most insulin spiking foods are going to be those rich in sugar and starches and this can be really sneaky especially with different types of green juices that actually have a lot of fruit sugar within it

Third Hormone Is Peptide

The third hormone is peptide yy now specifically low levels of peptide yy can cause issues with weight gain peptide yy is one of our satiety signals so it helps us to feel full and satisfied so that you don’t end up snacking pep diy is mostly released when we eat protein and low levels of peptidy have been associated with increased body fat percentage .

The two main ways that you can help to increase peptide yy is first of all eating more protein and especially from complete sources these include fish beef chicken eggs greek yogurt tempeh and if you really struggle with satiety you can also pair protein with collagen.

When you combine protein with collagen it has been found to be more satiating than just the protein alone and you can use whole foods sources of collagen like bone broth which is where today’s sponsor kettle and fire can be really useful cattle fire is a really great bone broth company they slowly simmer the beef bones

Because it is a whole food source of collagen it’s really easy to use in a lot of your dishes you can use kettle and fire bone broth as the base to your soups or your stews or your chilies kettle and fire comes in a lot of different flavors so you can really mix and match them to fit whatever flavor profile you’re looking at for that meal.

Fourth Hormone Ghrelin

The fourth hormone that causes you to gain weight is ghrelin. Ghrelin is our hunger now the way i always remember this in school is that ghrelin sounds like ger like her stomach growling so ghrelin makes you hungry and when you’re particularly hungry your body’s looking for a fast energy source.

Which is going to be those more sugary or starchy foods that work against your weight loss goals plus no one likes feeling hungry so you can help to reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin by first of all eating more protein but also pairing protein with fat both fat and protein help to increase various satiety hormones.

And therefore help to suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin and great sources of fat include things like avocado olives nuts seeds grass-fed butter or even cheese which has a combination of both protein and fat.

 Fifth Hormone Thyroid 

The fifth hormone that can cause you to gain weight is thyroid now this is a hormone that gets a lot of attention and it does aid in growth and various metabolic processes and there are conditions like hypothyroidism where the thyroid level is low and that can cause decreased energy levels.

And increase weight gain but there are a couple ways that you can help to improve thyroid function first of all by making sure you get enough iodine so you take an iodine supplement or just eat iodine rich foods like a lot of seafood products or even dairy and if you have a thyroid specific disease like hashimoto’s then you may even benefit from completely cutting out all gluten sources so the obvious offenders like bread and pasta.

Six Hormone Melatonin 

The six hormone that causes you to gain weight is melatonin and specifically low levels of melatonin melatonin is our sleep hormone and it can help us to get high quality deep sleep on the flip side after just one night of poor quality sleep it can cause increased levels of cortisol .

Which remembers that stress hormone and increased levels of ghrelin the hunger hormone the very next day making it even harder to achieve your weight loss goal so it’s really important to make sure that you’re getting enough melatonin that’s secreted at night couple ways that.

You can do this is by making sure that you sleep in a completely dark room darkness is what helps our body to secrete the hormone melatonin so also by not exposing your eyes to extremely bright lights like with your phone or laptop or tv right before bed can help melatonin to naturally go up.

Growth Hormone

The seventh hormone that can cause you to gain weight is growth hormone and specifically low levels of growth hormone growth hormone helps our body to burn fat as fuel while also protecting our muscles from breaking down and there’s been studies showing that those who have low levels of growth hormone tend to have increased risk of obesity.

And it seems to directly affect what’s called visceral fat or belly fat now one of the easiest ways to naturally increase growth hormone is to use some form of fasting being in a fasted state helps the body to naturally increase growth hormone so if you are using intermittent fasting to see these various benefits



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