Android 12 might feature a trash bin, like desktop operating systems – Times of India

Google is working on bringing new features to Android devices with the Android 12 update.
The company seems to be working on some desktop-like features for its mobile operating system. The feature in question is the trash bin. Which will act as a Recycle Bin for Android.
XDA Developers have been digging Android 12’s core code to discover upcoming features and the addition of trash bins is their latest discovery.
As per the report, the trash can be found under the main Settings app of the smartphone. Speculation suggests that the trash bin on Android will work in a similar fashion as it does on Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, the code carries a notification popup dialogue box which will tell users that how much storage is currently being consumed by the deleted files and give them the option to empty it.
The trash feature might appear to be a cool addition to Android. However, it also brings a complication with it. Now, if you remember using your Android smartphone apps like gallery, file manager already has a similar feature that stores the deleted files temporarily and allows users to recover them. With the core integration, it will be really confusing where to find the deleted files in the operating system.
Though everything depends on the implementation of the feature. Right now, deleting a file literally means hiding it by simply putting a period in front of its name. Plus, Google seems to bring the implementation to its Files app, however, different manufacturers use their own file manager and this where things become more complicated.
It’s totally up to Google on how they are planning to streamline this feature for the entire operating system.

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