Australia news live: New Zealand travel bubble opens; national cabinet meets over Covid vaccine | Australia news

[Will we] have a sufficient supply of a vaccine for the next little while to make sure that we provide that to whoever is able to come forward and receive it? I’m looking forward to having this conversation. I think we can do better, I think we do have the opportunity to get the vaccine out to those who have it, and I’m looking forward to this conversation.

I think we should be far less rigid … given we know there is no issue with anyone over 50 having AstraZeneca. If there is quite a considerable supply in Australia at the moment, we really need to crank it up.

I think as far as the public is concerned, we should be less rigid in the way that we roll out the vaccine, we already have the capacity for the mass vaccination hub; in New South Wales alone we have more than 100 sites already in addition to Homebush. We are able to supply the vaccine, and if at any stage there are different combinations of Pfizer or AstraZeneca we have the capacity to switch that around depending on the supply we have, so these are the conversations we need to have.

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