Countrywide chill produces snowfall on Easter Monday

Met Éireann has reported a cold day countrywide, with wintry showers of hail, sleet and snow most frequent across Ulster. Temperatures could drop to -2 degrees overnight there, bringing frost, the forecaster predicted.

Met Éireann described Easter Monday as “unseasonably cold”, with highs of just 4 to 8 degrees. Parts of Donegal and Northern Ireland reported snowfall on Easter Monday as temperatures dropped to two degrees.

“The average for this time of year would be in the region of 10 to 13 degrees. That is a long-term average, obviously this fluctuates year to year,” said forecaster Andrew Doran-Sherlock.

The cold snap is the result of low pressure around Scandinavian countries and high pressure in the Atlantic. “Between them we are in this northerly air flow. It is Arctic air, so it is cold,” he added.

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