Delhi High Court to only hear urgent matters from today in view of rising COVID-19 cases

New Delhi: Amid an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections in the national capital, the Delhi High Court on Sunday announced that it will only hear the urgent matters filed in the year 2021 from Monday (April 19) onwards. 

The official statement declared that “no routine or non-urgent matters will be taken up for hearing for now.”

“In continuation of this Court’s Office Order No. 223/RG/DHC/2021 dated 8.4.2021, keeping in view the alarming rise in the Covid-19 cases in the NCT of Delhi, it has been ordered that all the Hon’ble Benches of this Court shall, with effect from 19.04.2021, take up extremely urgent matters filed in the year 2021 only,” said an order issued by Registrar General.

The order also added that other pending routine or non-urgent matters or hearings listed before the Delhi High Court between March 22, 2021 and December 31, 2020 “shall not be taken up by this Court and such matters shall be adjourned “en bloc” as per the dates already notified.”

“In case of any extreme urgency, the request in the pending matters may be made on the already notified designated link,” the order added.

The decision was taken in the view of rising COVID-19 infections in the city. Earlier, the Delhi High Court and other district courts of the city had barred physical hearing of cases from April 9. The court is going to conduct virtual hearings till April 23.

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