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During Intermittent Fasting Morning Workouts Are Best

During Intermittent Fasting Morning Workouts Are Best

Introduction Of During Intermittent Fasting Morning Workouts Are Best . Morning workouts really help to optimize your results with intermittent fasting because you’re already using fat as fuel morning workouts can really help to accelerate that fat burning process but you really need to make sure that you’re following these two rules to make sure you’re getting the most out of your morning workout with intermittent fasting.

Increased Levels Of Your Growth Hormone

Element more on them in a bit the first rule has to do with how long you’re fasting after your workout now i get a lot of people following the complete intermittent fasting bundle program that are concerned about how long it is that they’re going without eating after they’ve worked out .

Now something really important to consider is that when you’re fasting you actually have increased levels of your growth hormone. Growth hormone helps to protect your muscles from breaking down while also ramping up fat burning which is why exercising during the fasted state can kind of be like a double whammy benefit perk thing in fact a review of eight studies on intermittent fasting found that.

It actually helps to protect and preserve lean muscle and decrease body fat while using resistance training now there is this idea that you need to be refueling right after your workout this comes back to that anabolic window concepts that you might have heard here and there or like read in some type of fitness magazine .

Sodium Cause Muscle Cramps Headaches

Now the research that’s based on this anabolic window is typically looking at how to optimize for trained athletes who are working out multiple times a day and unless you are an elite athlete and you’re training multiple times per day you don’t really need to be as concerned about immediately refueling after you’ve worked out.

We’re in that anabolic window during the fasted state we have increased growth hormone to help protect our muscles from that breakdown and on top of that exercise helps to even further increase that growth hormone level causing even more muscle protection so the first thing to keep in mind is it’s not necessarily how long you’re fasting that matters.

Rather that you’re leaving enough time to actually eat all the protein that you need within your eating window and when you are exercising especially when you’re exercising with intermittent fasting it’s really easy to lose a lot of water and a lot of sodium this can cause muscle cramps headaches fatigue lower energy .

Drinks Element Has Zero Sugar

And it could even make it more difficult to use fat as fuel which is where today’s sponsor element can be really useful element is an electrolyte replacement that was created with fasting in mind it actually has enough of the electrolytes that the body needs especially after or during a fast to help get that electrolyte balance and unlike a lot of other sports drinks element has zero sugar.

So if you’re looking to tap into fat burning and achieve a weight loss goal you won’t get that huge insulin spike from element the way that you might from other sports drinks now i personally like to use the unflavored element during my fast especially after morning workout this is a great way to help rebalance electrolytes.

Then during my eating window i typically choose from one of their amazing flavors all of which are zero sugar and taste incredible some of my personal favorites include the mango chili lemon habanero the orange is always a classic they also have a seasonal one grapefruit .

Using Intermittent Fasting

I’m really excited for when it comes out an element is super easy to use you literally tear open the package dump it in your water give it a shake and you’re ready to go an element is offered you guys eight days worth of element .Second really important rule when it comes to morning fasted workouts is how you break your fast .

And the most important factor when breaking your fast after a workout is going to be your protein intake now how much protein you have when you go to break your fast will depend on your activity level your size and of course your goals but i can almost guarantee you you’re probably not getting enough .

Especially when using intermittent fasting this can be the really tricky part because protein is so satiating and because with intermittent fasting we’re eating during a smaller period of time it’s easy to get too full from protein and not be able to eat enough of it during your eating window which is not good.

Weight Loss Progress

You want to make sure you’re getting enough protein otherwise you’re just going to be breaking down muscle and kind of reversing the progress that you had with your workout anyway so you’ll want to make sure that you know how much protein .

You need split that up between how many meals that you’ll be able to fit in with your eating window and focus on the highest quality sources of protein possible this means you’ll get the most bang for your buck when it comes to protein while still getting all of those fat burning and gut health perks of intermittent fasting and for best results for maintaining muscle mass during a weight loss progress.

You’ll want to focus on what’s called high diaz score proteins these are proteins that have been measured to most easily be broken down and absorbed into your body and if it’s absorbed then your body can use it if it’s not then your body can’t use it so high diaz complete protein sources will be pretty much any type of animal based protein whether that be fish chicken beef lamb really .

Cheese Or Greek Yogurt

Whatever you choose vegetarian sources would be like eggs or cheese or greek yogurt and for plant-based some of the best options will be fermented soy which is called tempeh or tempeh i always forget on how you pronounce it and protein powder and along with that protein you will want to make sure you have a high quality source of fat with it.

Especially when you go to break your fats because there are studies that have found that in order to maximize muscle protein synthesis which just means new muscle creation you need to pair protein with a high quality fat which is why i personally like to break my fast with a protein fat and fiber rich smoothie.

A Protein Fat

This is like one of the easiest ways regardless of what your food preferences are to be getting in all the nutrients your body needs especially when you go to break your fast i’ve shared a lot of free recipes and then i have over a hundred great protein fat and fiber rich recipes in the complete intermittent fasting bundle which has helped thousands of men and women around the world achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.

So if you want more of those step-by-step intermittent fasting details i’ll have the link for the complete intermittent fasting bundle down and if you want to check out what i eat in the day of intermittent fasting including after workout.




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