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Eat 10 Fasting Mimicking Foods

Eat 10 Fasting Mimicking Foods

Introduction Of Eat 10 Fasting Mimicking Foods. If you’re using intermittent fasting achieve a weight loss goal there are 10 foods you can have during your fast and still see results and that first food source is apple cider vinegar so each of these different types of foods follows this form of fasting mimicking where you’re not actually going to be fasting because you are taking something in but you’re still getting a lot of the benefits.

And this comes down to the fact that each of these foods doesn’t spike the storing hormone insulin because when you’re in a fasted state insulin is naturally going to be low which unlocks our fat cells and helps the body to tap into a state of fat burning .

So especially if you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal but you want a little bit of something during your fast it’s important to make sure that anything you consume does not spike the storing hormone insulin and the foods that will most greatly spike the storing hormone insulin include carbohydrates and protein with carbohydrates.

Butter Or Cacao Butter

The second food you can have during a fast is butter or cacao butter and this is especially for my keto coffee lovers out there keto coffee cheers so both butter and cacao butter are essentially void of carbohydrates or protein and butter is specifically unique because it does contain a short chain fatty acid called butyric acid.

This has specifically been found to help reduce gut inflammation now cacao butter is a plant-based option that you can use instead of butter it won’t break a fast but it’s important to note that it doesn’t contain the butyric acid that butter has and especially.

If you’re beginner keto coffee is a really great option to be using some butter or cacao butter in it can help to raise your satiety hormones a little bit help to prevent hunger if you are brand new in fact i’ll have my keto coffee recipe that you guys can check out.

Coconut Oil And Heavy Cream

The third food you can have during your fast is coconut oil or mct oil this is also something commonly used in keto coffee it can help to raise a tidy a bit without raising the storing hormone insulin now it’s important to note that mct oil has been found to be more satiating than coconut oil i personally prefer to use coconut oil as a slightly more whole food source but if you really struggle with satin hunger then mct oil might be a better option for you.

he fourth food is a small amount of heavy cream or half and half now the amount really matters for this one because the carbohydrates and protein can start to add up it’s not completely void of carbohydrates or protein so you’ll want to stick with a little bit less than one tablespoon for each.

The fifth food you can have is tea or coffee you can have these black or unsweetened and there will be zero issues they don’t contain any of the protein or fat that would raise insulin and break your fats in fact coffee and tea with the caffeine can even help to suppress hunger a bit if you do find you’re getting hungry during your fast.

Coconut Cream And Herbs

The sixth food that you can use is coconut cream so similar to heavy cream the devil is in the details of this one because just like the heavy cream the carbohydrates and protein can start to add up so if you’re using coconut cream in your coffee or tea as a plant-based option then you’ll just want to stick with a little less than one tablespoon

The seventh option are herbs especially if you’re putting these herbs in tea so i mentioned mint tea earlier which is a really great natural appetite suppressant that you can have in the evening after you’ve already started your fast plus it’s going to be caffeine free making it a great option so it won’t disrupt your sleep either i just take some fresh mint and i boil it with water for about five or ten minutes.

Turmeric And Sea Salt

The eighth food is turmeric again the amount really does matter because it does contain some protein and carbohydrates about a half a teaspoon is a good amount to stick with for turmeric and turmeric is specifically unique because it does seem to have some positive benefits on reducing the storing hormone insulin.

It also has been studied to speed up phase two liver detox making it a really great liver health supporting food and a lot of my clients are a and peeps like making a tumeric tea but i even have some clients that literally just stir it into their water

The ninth food is sea salt and not only is this something that you can have but honestly you really should be having it because when you’re fasting you lose a lot of water as well as sodium this is a result of insulin dipping down high levels of insulin tell the kidneys to hold on to both water and sodium.

So when it dips down during the fast it can cause a big release of both water and sodium so most people know to be drinking more water but a lot of people are forgetting the electrolyte portion from the salt and this is why people when they first start intermittent fasting will get things like low energy or headaches .


This is typically the result of an electrolyte imbalance not to mention having enough salt is crucial for maintaining insulin sensitivity and the more insulin sensitive you are the easier it is to use fat as fuel so this is the reason why i personally add about an eighth of a teaspoon of sea salt to my morning water during my fast

The 10th food you can have is cinnamon and just like turmeric and just like heavy cream the amount still matters about one teaspoon is going to be safe in terms of making sure it doesn’t break your fast now cinnamon has also been studied for blood glucose stabilizing perks which is also crucial for stabilizing that insulin response.

A few cinnamon sticks and some water boil that again for about five or ten minutes and you have yourself some homemade cinnamon tea now i personally use a true fast for the first like 13 hours of my intermittent fast.



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