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Eat10 things for WEIGHT LOSS

Eat 10 things for WEIGHT LOSS

Introduction to Eat 10 things for WEIGHT LOSS. One is eggs. Eggs are also cheap really easy to use and can be made into a ton of different recipes and you don’t have to be a chef in order to make some good egg meals you can do omelets you could do egg scrambles you do hard-boiled eggs egg bites frittata really the options are limitless.

One Is Eggs

They also are really great source of both protein and fat so if you were in a pinch you could literally create a full meal from pretty much just eggs or you can make it taste amazing and saute up some cabbage and onions to go along with it too now i eat eggs every day for lunch i always have eggs in fact.

It’s why i’m currently raising chickens because i buy a lot of eggs just look how cute these little guys are how are you doing we got mocha this one’s latte i haven’t named her yet pissed i’m an angel yet look at that glare and then you can’t oh there’s there’s coco okay so the third thing is a high quality salt .

I actually have a couple different salts that i use i use celtic sea salt and then i also have which i need to refill this it’s pretty low red mint salt as well i like to use this one for cooking it’s just a little bit easier to sprinkle which salt unfairly got a bad reputation for a long time but it’s actually literally an essential nutrient .

Essential Nutrient

That we need for our bodies to function we need it to send signals from our brain to the rest of our body we need it for fluid balance and conveniently enough adding it to our food helps to naturally bring out the flavor of that food so even if you are using just less overall ingredients to keep your grocery list .

A little bit lighter and easier salt can help to naturally pump up those flavors okay so the fourth thing is a great cooking fat grass-fed butter ghee tallow coconut oil really whatever your choice just make sure that it’s something that you can cook with we do need some type of cooking fat to help obviously cook our food.

But the fat also helps to absorb fat soluble vitamins from various veggies so i have a couple different options i use i mostly like to use butter but i’ll also use ghee he’s great because it has a little bit of a higher smoke point so you can use it for a lot of cooking but then i’ll also use coconut oil as well.

Use Coconut Oil

So i kind of just go back and forth and you can honestly just pick one of your favorites and just stick to it as is or you can have variety of options it’s really up to you okay the fifth thing that i would add to my weekly grocery list is a high quality high diet protein diaz is the protein score that helps to measure how much of the protein is actually being absorbed and used in the body.

And when you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal having high diaz proteins is really important for maintaining muscle mass which helps to prevent your metabolism from dipping down especially during weight loss process so you could really choose any type of protein you like i use butcher box so i get a variety of different protein sources obviously we have chicken we have some salmon.

Which i’ve recently forced myself to like grass-fed beef if i had to live off of just one of these different protein sources ground grass-fed beef would might would be my personal choice just because it is so versatile you can use it in so many different ways it’s so highly satiating and has a ton of really great micronutrients

Onions And Garlic

But you could even just pick one that you really like and that works for you and just keep it simple if you’re more plant-based for the highest diet score option you’ll want to go with tempeh it’s a fermented soy product or of course protein powder is another good option.

The sixth item are onions and garlic so i know it’s technically two items but i feel like they really go together i always have both of these on hand they are a zero sugar way to flavor food they’re also extremely versatile you can get a bunch of different types of onions like green onions or yellow onions or red onions .

They taste amazing sauteed or raw in different salads and then of course we have garlic which pretty much onions and garlic were just made for each other just combining these two alone with your cooking oil of choice and then also your protein can add a ton of flavor without adding sugar or a lot of starches.

Cheese Or Greek Yogurt

That would work against your weight loss goal okay so the seventh one is also kind of a cop-out because it’s kind of like an all-encompassing category but this is fermented dairy products so it can be cheese or greek yogurt both are very high in protein they’re very low with lactose for the vast majority of people who are lactose intolerant .

They can enjoy cheese or greek yogurt because it’s been fermented out and just by sticking to the cheese category you get high quality sources both protein and fat but it helps to boost satiety and there’s even been studies showing that full fat dairy products are inversely associated with obesity.

So it might seem counterintuitive to maybe like the old-school low-fat days but research is showing that those full fat dairy products are actually beneficial for weight loss goals assuming you don’t have a dairy allergy of course you can add cheese onto different meals like the scrambled eggs.

Grass-Fed Burgers

If you’re to make grass-fed burgers and put some cheese on top and by switching up the type of cheese you’re using you can also get variety there so feta cheese blue cheese cheddar swiss really up to you we get really big bricks of cheese in our house because we use a lot of it.

So we get big bricks of sharp cheddar that we get from costco this is actually like the end of it you can see it’s a lot longer usually it’s like out to here and then we also get big bricks of parmesan so you can totally change up the flavor even just with the different type of cheese that you’re using .

While adding some great sources of protein and fat and then of course you also have greek yogurt i make my own greek yogurt it’s honestly really easy i’ll have the video linked description below if you guys want to check it out it’s also way less expensive to do get it whey walls dairy joke this is a great base to a meal.


If you were to have like a greek yogurt bowl with some berries and maybe just a little bit of peanut butter or some nuts i use an old peanut butter dry for this or you can throw into a smoothie a lot of great ways to use greek yogurt which is another fermented dairy product okay so the eighth item are strawberries .

Strawberries are one of the lowest sugar fruits similar to raspberries actually they can be used pretty interchangeably they both have about seven grams of sugar per cup so you can use it in a smoothie or on top of greek yogurt bowl while keeping the sugar content really low so it’s going to be more useful for your weight loss goal.

I like to get those really big bags i think they’re like three pounds each at costco of organic strawberries because i’ll often use them in my smoothies but then i’ll also get fresh berries and make some homemade zero sugar whipped cream and have that as a dessert within my eating window when i’m feeling like it.

Well-Stocked Herb

The ninth thing is also kind of a cop-out but it’s a well-stocked herb and spice drawer you can have protein onions garlic and your cooking fat all the things we mentioned earlier in just a well-stocked spice drawer and you can make unlimited varieties of meals high-end turmeric and cardamom .

You can make an indian dish or with chili powder cumin and coriander you can make a great mexican dish or simply top your scrambled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning and it’s pretty awesome so having a well-stocked herb drawer can make it super easy to have a pretty basic grocery list of just your protein.

Your onions your garlic and your cooking fat but totally switch up your meals like some of my favorites are paprika i use that in combination with oregano and even the ground garlic a lot you could even add some of these to smoothies like ground ginger is amazing in a smoothie.

Ground Mustard Seed

Add a little bit of zest ground mustard seed with paprika is great to add on a rub that you’re then going to grill your meat with and of course cinnamon is always a great go-to in either smoothies or if you’re making like an african or indian inspired dish so well-stocked herb and spice drawer is totally worth the time to put it together .

It’s really hard to limit this list to just 10 because i love food i could just talk about it for days but upon really thinking about what i use the most often and what you can get the most variety .



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