Facebook staff can continue remote working, but may face pay cut

As Apple, Google, and others plan getting workers back into offices after the coronavirus, Facebook says that it will support staff continuing to work from home — with certain conditions.

According to BBC News, Facebook will allow staff to continue working from home. Brynn Harrington, Facebook vice president of People Growth, says that some people have been “really thriving” while working from home.

“For example, parents who are closer to their children and are happy to cut their commute time and optimise their work day, they’re thrilled to work from home,” she told BBC News. “[However] this is working from home during a pandemic, we are not in a period of healthy remote work.”

“We have people juggling care giving responsibilities, we have people living in small apartments with roommates, those people desperately want to get back into offices,” she continued, “and we’re working really hard to do that, as soon as it’s safe to open our offices.”

Working from home will not be available to all employees, however. Facebook has not detailed its plans, but there will be some eligible and some ineligible roles — and all will require management approval.

There is also a possibility that remote workers would face salary cuts. “We pay based on the local cost of labour in a market,” said Harrington. “So there will be variability in terms of pay for remote workers, based on where they work.”

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