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Fat Burning Smoothie Supe Recipe

Fat Burning Smoothie SUPE Recipe

Introduction Of Smoothie SUPE Recipe. Today I am making my lemon blueberry pie smoothie. It’s perfect for summer and for weight loss and wellness goals. So let’s jump straight into the recipe.

Use Coconut Milk

And today’s recipe is actually featured from my brand new limited release six week summer meal plan. So it’s not going to be here forever but let’s go ahead and make that smoothie all right.

So first i need my blender so for the base. I am using just regular unsweetened coconut milk. I make my own it’s a lot less expensive this way and it takes literally five minutes. If you guys have the time I would definitely recommend making it .

You can use any type of unsweetened nut or seed milk. This includes like almond milk hemp seed milk, coconut milk, cashew milk really whatever you prefer. Just make sure it’s not the original original versions means it’s sweetened generally speaking. So make sure you’re actively choosing the unsweetened option .

Pre-Made Nut Or Seed Milk

If you’re going for pre-made nut or seed milk. Oh my gosh, I need 89 steps yes this is a very common occurrence. Usually gets edited out nailed it all right. So let me show you actually what this looks like so since it is homemade. It’s going to have these little chunks on the top that’s essentially coconut butter.

So you can strain it out or you can use it as an extra fat source. I am going to add in about 8 to 10 ounces. So as you probably noticed some of the like coconut butter fell into it. I am just going to leave it because I had a heavy workout this morning. I want to make sure.

I get all the energy. i need to help recover but you could also strain it out. It’s your own personal preference so next. We’re going to use a half of a serving of vanilla protein powder. I am actually using my own vanilla protein powder. That’s going to be released really soon super excited about it zero sugar created just for the community.

Cup Of Greek Yogurt

But one scoop will be a half of a serving so. I am just going to add that straight in and then to make sure. I am  getting all my protein needs in. I am also going to add in about a half of a cup of Greek yogurt. If you’re plant-based and just dropping everything. If you’re plant-based just use a full serving of protein powder .

So you can get that full 20 grams of protein. If not definitely use the half-and-half ratio of protein powder to Greek yogurt. It just makes it taste so much more creamy and satiating.  You get those extra perks from the Greek yogurt of vitamin k2. Which is so important for bone health and heart health .

This is also my homemade Greek yogurt these are the two things that if I am going to use they will be homemade because it’s so ridiculously easy and in fact it’s like annoying how easy it is it’ll make you wonder why you ever purchased it and you save a ton of money doing it this way from last time .

Using Flax Seeds

I calculated as I am spraying Greek yogurt everywhere it comes out to be about like for how much Greek yogurt we use about 450 ISH dollars a year that we save by making our own Greek yogurt and we have control over the quality so i personally like to do this but if you don’t have the time or if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to and to get the same creaminess.

If you are using a plant-based option you could use a plant-based yogurt instead just make sure that you’re getting in that full serving and protein powder because most plant-based yogurts do not have any protein in it all right now for our fiber and fat component we’re going to be using flax seeds and coconut butter.

Now if you’re doing the homemade coconut milk then you could just use the coconut butter that you saw like plop in i’m also going to use just a little bit of this as well just to make sure i get enough fat to keep me satisfied after my workout but we’re going to use one tablespoon of each depending on the weather.

Add Sugar For Sweetness

It is pretty common to need a full-on like knife to get this out during the summer when it’s really hot if it gets really hot in your house then you might be able to just scoop this out pretty easily otherwise feel free to get your butter knife in there and just kind of chisel this off looking good looking good all right .

So next we’re going to add in about a quarter cup of frozen blueberries so obviously this adds a bit of flavor a little bit of sweetness but using quarter cup still keeps the sugar content pretty low so even if you’re carb sensitive this should be a good amount all right okay but a sneaky hack.

Where if you guys have been following me for a while and some of my recipes especially lately is using vanilla extract in your smoothie so it sounds kind of weird but it helps to bring out a vanilla-y flavor without having any added sugar in it you can just put in like a half a teaspoon .

Using A Meyer Lemon

So i did not measure it but it’s about half teaspoon okay so now comes the part that makes it really summery and delicious and amazing the lemon I am using a Meyer lemon that we just picked off of our neighbor’s tree he let us don’t worry we’re not stealing .

You don’t have to do this extra step of grinding or grating in the skin but again if you have the time or you’re making this in advance this makes it so flavorful and adds so much of that lemony zesty flavor it’s really great so I am just using the full lemon grated on okay so you can see a lot gets stuck to this back part.

So make sure that you just scoop it with your finger to get it off and get all of that lemony goodness now that we’ve fully taken the skin off we’re going to juice this in since this is a pretty small lemon I am going to put in the whole thing to get a lot of juice and lemons are so low in net carbs.

Six Week Summer Meal Plan

Even if you’re really carb sensitive these are really great options now we just have to blend it okay guys just popping in real quick because this year’s six week summer meal plan is here and it’s only here for a really short amount of time there’s brand new recipes six weeks of meal planning a ton of new information and tips to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals .

In addition to the meal plan and the recipes i dive deep into the details of protein and how you can use it to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals because unfortunately a lot of people aren’t doing protein quite right so i wanted to add in this bonus information along with the meal plan .

So you can apply it feel really great and achieve your goals the recipes within the new six week summer meal plan even have carb sensitive swaps so if you are more carb sensitive and working toward a weight loss goal you’ll be able to make adjustments to best fit your needs .

Add More Liquid For Smoothness

And if you’re plant-based there’s swaps for you as well you can grab the six-week summer meal plan on its own but I have also created a beginner to intermittent fasting bundle where you can get the 21 day intermittent fasting program the seven day detox and the brand new six week summer meal plan all together for twenty dollars off.

So you can grab the details for both options down description below but make sure you grab it soon because it’s only here during the six week summer challenge and then it’s gone okay wow ah man it smells so good so i probably added in a little bit more liquid because i somehow ended up with like a lot of smoothie .

I think I added in probably closer like 12 or 14 ounces so clearly I have some to top off on the side this reminds me of like when you go to a restaurant. You would get the milkshakes and then they would blend it and then they leave you like the side top or off thing that’s this but the version that’s going to make me feel great and not extremely bloated like those vanilla milkshakes .

Super Creamy Super Smooth Is Ready

So i like to top my smoothies with something with some type of crunch to make it feel like you’re chewing your meal chewing also helps stimulate different digestive processes and get things going it also just helps slow down how quickly you’re drinking it so it is a good idea to add some type of crunchy topping on as long as .

It’s your sugar my personal favorites are going to be coconut flakes toasted coconut flakes or cacao nibs oh my gosh look at that smoothie cheers guys oh my gosh lemon and vanilla are game changers I am drooling super creamy super smooth you guys need to make this let me know in the comments below if you guys test this out



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