'Filming Inside the Reef' takes you behind the scenes of 'Tiny World'

Go behind the scenes of season two of ‘Tiny World’.

What you need to know

  • ‘Filming Inside the Reef’ takes viewers behind the scenes of ‘Tiny World’.
  • The video shows how new scuba technology enables filmmakers to film ocean life closer for longer.

The Apple TV+ series Tiny World is using revolutionary scuba technology to get closer to ocean life than ever before.

Apple has shared a new video that shows how the filmmakers of the Apple TV+ docuseries are able to get the shots they do. In the video below, the underwater photographers talk about new scuba technology that allows them to breathe without blowing bubbles out of their equipment. This apparently makes the ocean life much less threatened with them around, enabling the filmmakers to get closer for longer.

Down in Australia, underwater photographers reveal how they were able to record tiny heroes defending their coral homes during the making of Tiny World Season 2. Watch the all-new season of the Apple Original docuseries coming April 16 to Apple TV+ https://apple.co/_TinyWorld

Season two of Tiny World premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 16, once again featuring the narration of Paul Rudd.

Returning for season two, “Tiny World,” narrated and executive produced by Paul Rudd (“Ant-Man”), grants viewers a unique perspective into the natural world, illuminating the ingenuity and resilience of the planet’s smallest creatures. With over 200 species filmed and 3,160 hours of footage, the six-episode docuseries shares surprising stories and spectacular cinematography that spotlight small creatures and the extraordinary things they do to survive. Captured on film for the first time are anemone shrimp, which clap to signal their intent as cleaners of predatory fish; the “biting” behavior of fang blenny fish, filmed in slow-motion with unprecedented use of phantom high-speed cameras; and Etruscan shrews, known to be the hungriest mammals on earth. “Tiny World” is produced by Plimsoll Productions and is executive produced by Tom Hugh Jones, who also serves as writer with David Fowler. Grant Mansfield and Martha Holmes also serve as executive producers on behalf of Plimsoll Productions.

In addition to Tiny World, Apple premiered a new season of Earth at Night in Color and The Year Earth Changed in celebration of Earth Day.

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