Flyer reports ‘fuel leak’, turns out to be rainwater on wing flap | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A fuel leak reported by a passenger on an IndiGo aircraft taxiing to operate from Chennai to Coimbatore on Friday forced the Airbus A320 to return to the bay.
Subsequent checks on the aircraft showed it was not fuel leak but water which had accumulated in the wing flap area following heavy rain in Chennai. The false alarm happened on an Airbus A320 (VT-IKC) when it was proceeding to operate at 6E-238.
“A ground turn back to the bay was carried out for inspections. The aircraft was checked and everything — fuel and hydraulic quantity and levels — were found to be okay,” sources said.
The passenger had actually sighted water gushing down the wing flap area, as the plane began to taxi for take off. The water had collected there due to heavy rain in Chennai, sources said.
An IndiGo spokesperson said: “Airbus operating 6E-238 from Chennai to Coimbatore returned back to the bay after taxi out. During taxi, there was a fluid leak noted from the right wing. The pilot returned to the parking bay for inspections. Accumulated rain water was observed dripping from the wing surface. The aircraft was released for flight after inspections.”

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