Google Photos adds new ‘Silent Reflection’ section to Memories – Times of India

Internet search giant Google is reportedly rolling out a new feature in Google Photos app that will create a new collection to its Memories section — called Silent Reflection.
According to a report by 9to5Google, this section is being curated using AI to show images of “Churches and places of worship.”
Since the feature has been spotted in Europe — which predominantly follows Christianity — mostly churches have been spotted in the Silent Reflection section. However, in other regions, places of worship of other religions are likely to be included in the grouping.
As per the report, the Memory section curated using AI is not completely perfect as besides the churches, it also showed medieval buildings.
Last week, it was reported that Google is adding the new video editor for Google Photo Android, which it has rolled out to iOS users in February.
This video editor on Google Photos will now allow users to crop the frame, export individual frames, change perspective and also add filters from image editing tools in the Photos app.
Additionally, more granular editing options have also been added to the Google Photos Android app. Users can also control brightness, contrast levels, saturation, manage skin colour tone, shadows, tint, warmth, etc.
Overall, there are around 30 new video editing options available now in Google Photos.

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