How to lose 1 kg a week without stopping eating

How to lose 1 kg a week without stopping eating

Introduction Of How to lose 1 kg a week without stopping eating

How to lose 1 kg a week without stopping eating. Now I’m going to renew your hopes of finally being able to lose weight! Ensuring the health you need and achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of, in a way you never imagined. Did you like it? I admit that what I’m going to tell you now is a little revolutionary, so different, you know?

The Decision To Lose Weight

But if you believe and trust me and do exactly what I’m going to tell you, you’ll lose weight while still eating. Got your attention? As a nutritionist, I know that one of the biggest problems with the decision to lose weight is that it’s built into my head that I’ll have to starve, that I’ll have to suffer to lose weight, I can’t eat what I like No It is?

And now I’m going to introduce you to a principle, two very simple and easy tricks that will help you lose weight without stopping eating, running away, taking away from your head, your mind, your life the anxiety that may have this idea of ” Oh my God if I lose weight, I’ll have to stop eating.” No! Today you will learn how to lose weight without stopping eating.

You Won’t Drink Your Calories

Often the problem is not what you eat It’s what you drink and from now on you won’t drink your calories anymore, that’s the first trick, write it down, tattoo it there I was going to say it on the forehead, no Somewhere you can eat. tattoo! From today you will eat your calories. Adopt this strategy as a first step to start losing weight, you know?

It may seem a little less orthodox, right? Less normal but it is a valid strategy that works. I think if you’re going to eat calories, it’s in food, you know? Feeling the crack, the taste, the consistency of the food. I’ll show you the number of calories you ingest in liquid form. Pay attention! In the morning you had one, you think A little glass of orange juice. You Can Also Read The best RECIPE to break the INTERMITTENT FASTING.

At lunchtime, you ordered an innocent can of ice-cold soda, hun? Yummy and such. Then in the middle of the afternoon, you had a glass of milk because you were thirsty, it was cold and Bumba quickly. After work, on the way home, you ordered a beer to relax with friends and at dinner time that friend you hadn’t seen for a long time called you to dinner and you accompanied him with a glass of wine, accompanied the meal and like a small glass of wine. In the end, of course, to close the cool night, it was a super innocent drink.

Calories If You Want To Lose Weight

Now imagine that at the end of a week. And at the end of a week, you’ve ingested it all, which is over 3,000 calories without even realizing it. I believe you were like saving calories if you want to lose weight, if you were taking care to eat less here, less there and I don’t know what, and you didn’t even realize that the enemy was in your cup, right?

And the time you take a sip or 2 or 3 or 10, depending on your thirst, you swallow calories without even realizing the harm it will do to your belly. So let’s save calories in the liquids we drink. This is all calories, sometimes empty when you’re talking about a soda, for example, because it has no nutritional value, right, in there.

You Can Lose Weight To Take The Rubbish Out

But it can also have nutrients, but they are calories the same way you can eat the fruit at the same time. instead of drinking the juice, understand? I have a bit of rancidity even with caloric liquids because there is so much effort to reduce calories so you can lose weight to take the rubbish out of what you eat and then it seems like your eyes close when you think about liquids, you know?

To drink is water. When you drink while eating, you clean the taste buds and open a new path for another forkful and then you take another sip that you feel a great pleasure and clean them for the other forkful. And when you drink while eating, you end up increasing the amount of food you eat, not decreasing it. That is, it has calories but you don’t eat less because you’re drinking a liquid, it doesn’t kill your hunger, understand?

Another thing that caloric liquids do is fill your tummy at that time, you know, with liquid, and soon you’re dying of hunger because the liquid doesn’t need to be digested. So it’ll get out of your tummy fat, you’ll get hungry sooner and you’ll eat again. And another factor is that I prefer you to eat your calories with quality than you drink your calories because you won’t miss the next meal.

Lose Weight Without Great Sacrifices

Because you had a glass of orange juice, right? And as we are in a weight loss process and what you want is to save calories, take the caloric liquids, even if it’s a sip, it makes a difference and at the end of the week it makes a lot of difference, you know? And do you believe that if you exchange all these caloric liquids for water?

Soda water, flavoured water, lemon water, plain water, ice water, water without ice, tea without sugar You will hydrate, you win life, save calories and lose weight without great sacrifices. So Eat your calories, don’t drink your calories, you know? Feel the crack, the pleasure, the taste of the food, hm? Now like this, you take a sip It was. You didn’t even notice, got it? It’s like you ate it all.

You drank it all. Did you understand? All those caloric liquids you’ve been drinking during the week, a sip here, a sip there, at the end of the week it’s the equivalent of a day and a half of calories. Three dishes of food: three boiled eggs, bread with butter and cheese, a banana, yoghurt with oatmeal, nuts, fruit, and avocado I mean We had difficulty putting the number of liquids, and calories in food.

Easy For You To Drink Calories

In those liquids you saw. Because it’s very easy for you to drink calories. So My advice as a friend, as a nutritionist is also: like your calories, it’s more satisfying, you’re happier, right? If you feel with a full belly, when you take a sip of whatever, you know, or several sips of whatever, what do you feel? I quenched my thirst but when you quench your thirst you ingest calories, I mean Unnecessary, right?

Little water my friend, little water, understand? But now I’m going to replace your caloric liquid with something delicious, a good thing that you won’t even miss because I don’t want you to be depressed and sad. After all, I took away the caloric liquid you liked. What I love doing is that it replaces very well any caloric liquid you could drink, which now you don’t go to anymore.

Because you’re saving calories, what are you going to do? In sparkling water. With a slice of lemon. Pay attention that this is complicated, look there, oh! Super simple, refreshing Anywhere you go, you can order sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Zero calories or almost zero calories, I mean, it’s lemon And that’s what I’ll let you take! Half a kilo is already guaranteed, you already know how to eliminate it simply, right?

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