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Intermittent Fasting As A Nutrition

Intermittent Fasting As A Nutrition

Introduction Of Intermittent Fasting as a Nutrition. What I eat in a day of intermittent fasting summer edition what i eat today because it’s been getting light so early since it’s like spring slash.

Wake Up Early At 5:30

Almost summer I have been waking up pretty easily around 5 30 or so i get up brush my teeth let the chickens out and take my dog for a walk and in case you’re wondering toothpaste does not break a fast so you’re in the clear there unless you decide to eat the whole tube of toothpaste.

Which from what I hear 9 out of 10 dentists don’t recommend that then you’re fine so I like to fill up my water glass the night before and leave it out I leave it in the kitchen where I know I am going to see it as I am walking out on the way to the gin this helps me to remember to grab that water and at least drink some water before heading out so after.

Then go to the gym and I work out in a completely fasted state to help take advantage of the naturally higher growth hormone levels during the fast growth hormone is really muscle protective so it can help stop the muscle from breaking down while also ramping up more fat burning mechanisms.

Buying Pre-Ground Coffee

When I get back I have more water with electrolytes to balance out what was lost from the workout and fasting so along with the water that’s lost during the fast so are electrolytes and this actually is the one that people most often forget we all remember to drink some water but we don’t necessarily remember to sprinkle some salt in there so I will actively add in either Celtic sea salt.

I’ll use an unflavored element to get some sodium to help balance out my electrolyte levels and prevent headaches or lower energy levels later in the day then it’s coffee time my favorite time now I freshly grind my coffee and make it in a French press this is just my preferred method you don’t have to do it this way.

I just really like the ritual of it but freshly grinding coffee does help to prevent the oils within the coffee from becoming rancid and oxidized so to get more bang for your buck in terms of health benefits of coffee it’s always a good idea to grind it right when you’re going to use it rather than grinding it in a bulk amount or buying especially buying pre-ground coffee.

Take Shower

I like to multitask to fit in all the things that I do in the morning while the coffee is brewing I take my shower because it takes about eight minutes for the coffee to brew and lately I have been taking a cold and then a hot shower I have just found it helps to wake me up for the day .

I know some people like to do the hot then cold method personally I just know that I would not be able to turn that cold on after I have already gotten warm I just like to get the cold done and out of the way and then warm up at the end it definitely makes me feel more alert.

But exposing the body to cold can also help to increase the brown fat tissue activity which can help to essentially raise your metabolic rate plus just with my history of anxiety i found that exposing myself first thing in the morning to things that are kind of just difficult physically like heavy exercise or being exposed to a cold shower helps to prepare me mentally for maybe .

Fat Burning Perks Of Intermittent Fasting

Some other difficult things later in the day i found that just helps for me but there’s also those other health perks for why you might want to experiment with having some type of cold shower now big huge switch up for my routine lately is that i have not been having my typical keto coffee that i’ve been having for like over five years.

Lately i’ve been feeling like just adding in a splash of heavy cream can’t tell you why but it’s just been kind of nice lately i do go back and forth and some of the days i do have keto coffee and trevor still makes his he just finds that it helps him with satiety and staying satisfied a little bit better .

But i like to switch things up and lately i’ve been using that splash of heavy cream now once now i’ve exited the true fast and entered into the fasting mimicking so i’m no longer getting all the gut health perks of intermittent fasting but i’m still getting the fat burning perks of intermittent fasting.

I’ll DrinkĀ  ACV Sipper

I use a combination of a true fast and fasting mimicking then i go to work meaning a few feet away from my kitchen and into my home office i’ll work for a while and then around 10 30 a.m is when i go to break my fast.

So i’ll drink my acv sipper first while i’m making my smoothie and today i’m using recipes from my brand new six week summer meal plan it’s a limited release meal plan that’s only going to be out for a few weeks and i developed it to pair with the six week summer intermittent fasting challenge .

That’s starting in like just a few days it has brand new recipes brand new tips dives deep into how to properly use protein to achieve your weight loss goals if you guys want to check that out i will have it linked down description below.

Six Week Summer Meal Plan

Today i decided to make the blueberry lemon pie smoothie from the new limited release six week summer meal plan this is so perfect for the summer it’s light and refreshing but so satiating and i recently shared this recipe for free on my youtube channel if you guys want to check it out .

I’ll have it linked up here as well as down description below and then i typically take my smoothie back to my desk and drink it for a little while longer while i continue working and then i like to go for a post meal walk and this can depend on my schedule if i have time for like a two minute walk or a 30 minute walk.

I just like to fit in some movement after i eat it just helps with digestion and of course helps to get more steps in as well after that walk i head back to work and i’ll work for about another three to four hours before i go to have my lunch and today i’m having the chipotle cobb salad from my new six week summer meal plan but i’m super busy during the work day .

Different Protein Sources

So i don’t have time to just sit down and make this beautiful salad not that it takes a long time but you know to prep something in the middle of my workday i don’t have time for that at least most days i don’t have time for that so i pre-made this the night before if i’m going to pre-make something like a salad.

I usually like to make multiple servings of it because i am already chopping things it doesn’t take that much extra effort to just make a couple servings and salads are such great grab-and-go options that you can load up with the protein fat and fiber .

while making them extremely delicious so with the salad there’s a couple different protein sources which is really important when intermittent fasting to be getting all your protein in i have chicken that i cooked and sliced up hard-boiled egg as well as some cheese too this was supposed to have an avocado.

Grabbed Enough Avocados

And i thought that i grabbed enough avocados but i think maybe trevor had taken one i’m just gonna blame him he probably took it so to help compensate for not having that extra avocado i just added in a little bit more cheese for a higher quality fat so this is also usually eaten at my desk.

While i work now i’m a three meal a day kind of person so i follow a 16 8 structure which means i fast for 16 hours and i eat for eight hours and we eat dinner around 5 30 or 6 p.m depending on when trevor gets back from work so usually we’re done by either 6 or 6 30.

Making Greek Burgers

And tonight i’m making the greek burgers with tatsuki also from the six week summer meal plan this is such a light and refreshing meal that also takes surprisingly just minutes to put together and takes advantage of summer grilling weather too but if you aren’t able to grill you can always cook the burgers on your stovetop as well we have definitely done this a lot when we forgot that we ran out of propane.

Now i also paired this with tabbouleh or like tabbouleh traditionally taboule is made with a grain-based couscous which wouldn’t be super supportive of either weight loss or gut health goals so what i do is use cauliflower rice instead now i’m a big fan of frozen cauliflower rice but for these types of recipes where i’m using raw cauliflower i like to just roughly chop up some just raw cauliflower and use that



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