Older adults share their COVID vaccine experience – Times of India

Here are the COVID vaccination stories of 64-year-old Madhu Khattar and 66-year-old retired head HR S. P. Kulsari.

Madhu Khattar, 64 years old

I got my first Covishield jab on March 03 from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Booking an appointment from the Covaxin app was very convenient. After receiving the jab, I did feel uncomfortable for a couple of days. Body temperature shot up to 101 degrees coupled with severe body ache, tiredness and chills. The side effects lasted for 3 days and after 3 days everything was alright. I am now preparing for my second dose of Covishield vaccine and would urge all eligible people to go ahead and take the vaccine.

S.P. Kulsari, 66 years old

I am 66 years old and I took my first COVID vaccine shot on 1.4.2021. After being under observation for 30 minutes, I was OK until 7 pm. However, after 7 pm, I got a fever and by 10 pm, my fever went up to 102 degrees. I took Dolo 650 at 10.30 pm but the fever remained static. It went down at 2 am – that too upto 100.2. At 4.30 pm, my fever went down by 99.8 but again at 8 am the next day on 2.4.2021, it went up to 100.2. My eyes felt heavy and I could not get sleep at night. This is my experience for the first day. My doctor only said that if fever persists, I should take paracetamol or Dolo 650.

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