Pappu certification – A new order of merit

Watching the Sadhus dip themselves skin to skin in the holy river was not a surprise. Watching them congregate in lakhs skin to skin was also no surprise, this was bound to happen despite the ongoing pandemic. Sometimes stupidity prevails a lot higher than holiness, cleanliness and even godliness. In the name of God ,man tends to behave irrationally and allows prudence to be flung outside the window with no-one to catch it on the other side. The Kumbh Mela is the most recent act of stupidity and impunity coupled into one. And this act of stupidity was promoted by the higher forces whose orbit is strictly restricted within mortal perimeters. 

Then to race side by side with the act of Kumbh dumbness has been all the election campaigns. The Prime Minister has been calling this the festival of democracy and urged voters to throng in large numbers. With the longest of election phases across West Bengal and recently concluded election in Tamil Nadu, the electorate have indulged in a festival of stupidity egged on by the leaders of political parties. For any  politician in India today , it’s the vote that matters, he needs to have it before you succumb to Covid. Period. If doltishness has blinded you to this, no vaccine can save you from succumbing to dopiness.

Pappu – a terminology and a title that was so far reserved to Rahul Gandhi needs to be handed out like an order of merit to the following, with no bias or discrimination of any sort whatsoever

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for allowing the Kumbh in the first place and his Government for extending invitations for the Corona mela.

Posthumously award the title to Mahamandaleshwar Kapil Dev ji one of the chief Akhadas who succumbed to Covid. 

Chief Electoral officer of West Bengal and the Election Commission for conducting  8 longest of electoral phases for the state.

Chief Electoral officer of Puducherry who designated time slots in public places ( like Government schools ) for Covid patients to come in and vote. 

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for reviewing the Covid situation after the damage has been done en masse and unmasked.

Chief Minister of West Bengal for holding dharnas and drawing crowds to get more attention for her unfulfilled ambitions with the Election Commission.

The Prime Minister of India for not restraining his party and cadres from campaigning and holding mass rallies especially when the numbers have been getting deadlier than ever.

All cadres, party workers and holy river bathers who somehow thought by virtue of their political and religious affiliations that the virus would not dare to trespass their perimeters. They have gone on instead to become super spreaders. 

Many more can be added to the above. But the irony is the original Pappu has today announced that he will be stopping all rallies in Bengal. This is a no brainer and should have been followed by every single party leader. Instead, his statement has been met with stereotyped responses; after all, Congress has no chance and so on, rally or no rally it’s the same for Congress. Yes, maybe, but, hey, this Pappu has decided to lead from the front with responsibility irrespective of whether his party has a fat chance or not. And let’s give him credit for this. While the rest of so-called smart Indians have been acting like Pappus, the real one has done the unexpected. 

At the end of the day, the virus is biological, it’s the ecosystem that we create that makes it flourish. We are living in apocalyptic times and if we remain deaf, dumb and blind to this, no vaccine can save us Pappus. Maybe a dip in some holy river and an afterlife somewhere else holds more promise.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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