Prince Harry may have felt ‘pangs of guilt’ amid Prince Philip’s funeral

Prince Harry may have felt “pangs of guilt” amid the funeral of Prince Philip for the “vile” interview he and his wife did with Oprah Winfrey, according to conservative commentator Darren Grimes.

“I wonder if actually watching the Queen mourn the loss of his grandad … might have reminded him maybe – how could it not – of what it means to sacrifice,” Mr Grimes told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“And perhaps he felt sort of pangs of guilt I daresay, for that frankly – what was I think – a vile and vulgar moanathon of an interview that the privileged pair actually took part in”.

“If you look at the remaining time that the Queen and the royal family spent with the late Duke, it was clouded by this interview, in which he suggested that his dad and his brother … were trapped by monarchy”.

“So it’s incredibly difficult I think to sort of bring about any meaningful reconciliation.”

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