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Protein Is Great For Weight Loss

Protein Is Great For Weight Loss

Introduction Of Protein Is Great For Weight Loss. Protein is a really useful tool for achieving a weight loss goal. we can see on food tracking apps like chronometer that 30 grams of protein from chicken is equivalent to about 3.5 ounces of cooked chicken so let’s get weighing that is dirty i’m developing my own protein powder right now.

There was just protein powder dust all over this i’m going to be covering plant-based vegetarian options as well as omnivorous protein sources so regardless of your preferences there will be something in this video for you so i don’t expect you to be weighing everything i’m doing this so that you can get an idea of what this actually looks like just a little fyi okay .

Rotisserie Chicken

So i have some cooked chicken right here that is 3.2 maybe a little bit more yeah that’s roughly 3.5 ounces now to see what it looks like in a cup okay so you can see it’s not fully packed in but if you’re loosely packing in some torn chicken it’s going to be about two-thirds maybe three-quarters of a cup this one chicken’s making it look like it’s higher there.

You go if you’re doing something like rotisserie chicken it’s going to be about three-quarter cup for about 30 grams worth of protein okay next we have eggs which can be a little bit tricky because eggs are really great source of protein but each egg is not very high in protein so it’s roughly going to be about six grams per egg or six grams of protein per egg.

Which means you would need to eat just from eggs five eggs which is a lot of eggs to eat in one sitting and i’m not really sure that a lot of people really enjoy eating that many eggs in one sitting i know a lot of my clients typically feel best with about three eggs i’m kind of in that same boat so what i recommend is pairing eggs with another protein source .

Two Ounces Of Cheese

So like one to two ounces of cheese is a good way to offset it but if you’re just having eggs you’ll need about five of them to achieve that 30 gram goal and we’re using 30 grams as a reference it’s not something that every person needs to be having some people need less some people need more .

If you do want to calculate your protein needs definitely make sure you check out my video that’ll have linked description below the next one we have is tempa or tempeh not really sure on how to say it this is a fermented soy product so if you’re plant-based this is actually one of the better options to be having for a complete source of protein so depending on the brand.

You’re going to need about five and a quarter ounces of tempeh in order to get 30 grams of protein so let’s measure that out and see how it looks here’s a big old break of tempo i’m just going to tear it and start adding the tempeh on see how much we need and more than that okay so this is a little over but this was a full standard brick of tempeh.

Protein Powder

I used a good portion of it i used probably about three quarters of the tempeh which makes sense because it was an eight ounce package so if you’re just getting it from a package that’s eight ounces which from what i’ve seen a lot of them are going to be about eight ounces you’re going to want roughly three quarters of the tempa to get a full 30.

Oh my gosh just breaking things to get a full 30 grams of protein okay next we have protein powder so whether you’re using a plant-based or an egg or a whey base the first thing you need to do is check how many grams of protein are in each serving so typical serving size will be about 20 grams of protein per serving .

But next level of complexity not too complex just something to consider you need to see how many of the scoopers equals one serving so for whey protein powder it’s often going to be two of these scoops of the provided scoop that they give for plant-based it’s often one and for egg base.

Cooked Beef

It’s usually going to be one sometimes two just depends on the brand so given that protein powders are going about 20 grams protein usually if a serving is one scoop then you’ll need one and a half scoops and that’ll be about 30 grams if a serving is two scoops.

Then you’ll need three of these scoopers to hit 30 grams got it good okay so when we’re looking at beef i don’t have any cooked beef right now so i’m just showing you some raw beef you can see on their nutrition facts that four ounces is going to provide around 21 grams of protein .

Now this is because it’s measuring it raw when you cook ground beef or any protein for that matter it is going to lose a lot of water usually about 25 so 4 ounces of cooked ground beef is going to have around 30 grams protein so most people aren’t just pre-buying ground beef but it’s already cooked rather so if you’re making like a pound of protein.

Yellow Peas

And you want to try and estimate what’s going to be about 30 grams worth of protein what i usually recommend is aiming for more of a third of a pound so just cutting this into thirds to help compensate for that water loss and to make sure that you’re actually getting that true 30 grams of protein .

So if you’re serving a dinner for three people then you could probably do one pound and that would be perfect okay so for another plant-based option there’s split yellow peas which tends to be one of the higher diaz score proteins which means that your body absorbs more of the protein it’s still not nearly as good as like fermented soy .

But if you are looking for variety it is one that could provide a little bit more protein than some of the other plant-based options now i don’t have any split yellow peas i do have some lentils so i’m going to use this as a visual just so you can kind of eyeball it but one thing to know is that if you are very carb sensitive you’re likely not going to want to get most of your protein from something like yellow peas.

Greek Yogurt

Because in order to get 30 grams of the protein from the split yellow peas you would need to eat about two cups worth of cooked split yellow peas to hit 30 total grams of protein and that’s not even accounting for amino acids and that two cups of yellow peas will also come packaged with about 38 grams of net carbs .

So if you’re really carb sensitive that’s not going to be a great option for you if you’re not here’s what it looks like now usually when you cook something like peas or lentils it’s going to double in size when you cook it so if you’re cooking it from scratch then you’ll want about a full cup of the peas or lentils raw .

And that’ll expand to about two cups cooked another really great protein is actually greek yogurt now i make my own homemade greek yogurt but you’ll need about one and a half cups to get 30 grams worth of protein which honestly if you’re used to using yogurt definitely measure this out just like once or twice .

A Lot Of Sea Food

Because one and a half cups of greek yogurt is probably way more protein joke away than you probably are currently eating so let’s take a look at that and we’re still not even there yet so that’s just about one and a half cups of greek yogurt it’s a lot a lot of greek yogurt.

If you don’t want as much greek yogurt but you still want to have it as your main protein source you could always use less like one cup of greek yogurt for example and add in a protein powder just stirring it in to help boost the protein content further without having to eat like this much yogurt this is a lot of yogurt.

If you like that much great but just know that in order to get that 30 grams you need one and a half cups of greek yogurt now a lot of seafood will really range but typically for salmon it’s going to be about four or four and a half ounces that you’ll need cooked for 30 grams protein same goes with shrimp now i thought i got enough shrimp clearly i didn’t so this is raw shrimp and it’s only 4.2 ounces .

So if this were cooked that would be roughly what you want to get 30 grams of protein but remember you lose about 25 of the water weight here so this actually needs to be closer to 6 ounces so if you were to be measuring it raw then you would want to make sure you’re getting about an additional one and a half ounce of shrimp to hit that 30 grams .



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