Rapido, Zypp Electric Join Hands For Electric Bike Taxi Service

Indian bike taxi platform Rapido, has joined hands with Zypp Electric to provide electric bike taxi service to its customers. Called Rapido EV, the new electric bike taxi is intended to reduce carbon footprint and encourage customers to use environment-friendly two-wheelers. More than 100 riders and electric two-wheelers will be onboarded on to the Rapido platform from Zypp as part of Rapido’s captain fleet. The service will be a pilot run for three months starting from March 2021 and will be tested for its demand and veracity in the Delhi-NCR area. Rapido is looking to on-board more such EV partners to further expand this business model across its Tier I market in the country, according to a press statement from the company.

Announcing the launch of Rapido EV, Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido, said, “While India is the largest two-wheeler market, only 1% of it is electric. With the launch of Rapido EV rides, we want to give a unique experience to our users along with contributing positively to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. The recent World Air Quality report by Swiss technology company IQAir ranked Delhi as the world’s most polluted capital among 106 countries and we hope that this move helps contribute to the betterment of the air quality in the city.”

On the partnership with Rapido, Akash Gupta, Co-Founder, Zypp Electric, said, “We at Zypp are becoming the de-facto EV layer when it comes to goods and people movement. The partnership with Rapido is part of highly focused EV utilization project where we wish to ensure that every segment is able to switch to EVs comfortably. With our robust battery-swapping network which will be tested with bike taxi services with Rapido, we’re here to bolster the EV proposition together with this partnership and would love to scale this nationally making people get pollution-free taxi rides too.”

Rapido EV Rides will be available under the Ride section on the app and will be priced at the Rapido Ride rate with a minimal convenience fee. Customers have to download the app, log in to their account and book a Rapido Ride, through their iOS/Android phones. Rapido is a bike taxi service spread across all of India from Tier I to Tier III cities. The app allows customers to book bike taxis conveniently with very less wait time.

Zypp Electric offers dedicated electric vehicles for delivery of essentials, goods, medicines and food packages. The company was started in 2017 to make last mile delivery carbon-free for local merchants to e-commerce giants. The company currently has more than 1,000 Zypp pilots (delivery executives) using IoT enabled electric scotoers for delivery services.

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