Rush for flights into State from countries set for quarantine list

There has been a scramble for tickets on flights into Ireland from countries to be added to the mandatory hotel quarantine list later this week.

The list of Category 2 countries is being extended from 4am on Thursday to include the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Turkey and Italy as well as eight other countries. From then all affected passengers will be required to check into designated hotels for up to 12 nights at a cost of almost €2,000 per person.

Changes to the list has meant a spike in demand from some destinations with the cost of flights on key routes climbing significantly and others selling out.

In the seven days up to April 4th, more than 4,300 passengers from the countries to be added to the list arrived in Ireland with the vast majority coming from, or through, France, Qatar, Turkey and the US.

A Ryanair flight from Milan to Dublin on Wednesday, less than 24 hours before the updated mandatory hotel quarantine list comes into effect, is sold out. By contrast there are more than 100 seats available on the same route next Sunday with the cost of one-way tickets falling to less than €35.

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