The 12 Best Natural & Organic Body Washes For Men Of 2021

I think as a beauty culture, we’ve moved past the need for gendered skin care. Skin care routines are personal to you and your skin needs regardless of how you identify. A good body wash is a good body wash is a good body wash, no? See, people with all kinds of skin need a cleanser that will be effective, won’t harm their skin microbiome, and keep their moisture barrier intact. From there, you can add a few layers of specificity, whether it be acne-targeting actives, blends safe for sensitive skin, or those who need a bit more exfoliation.  

And then, of course, some people do want options that are more geared towards traditionally masculine taste, be that through scent or sensorial experience. So here, we rounded up some of our favorite natural and clean body washes for whomever might want them.

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