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Introduction Of The best RECIPE to break the INTERMITTENT FASTING

The best RECIPE to break the INTERMITTENT FASTING. What we have in the text has the advantage of helping you to lose weight because it consumes your natural reserves of fat glycogen but it also helps to lower cholesterol it also helps you feel better to reduce intestinal inflammation but it has to be regularly you won’t get all these benefits by fasting.

My Recipe To Break The Intermittent Fasting

Once in a while never like that once a week you will feel that intermittent fasting is doing you well you know what I’m advising you is my recipe to break the intermittent fasting And then breaking the fast is not just going back to eating you know this is the most important moment your process in your intermittent fasting believes intermittent fasting is wonderful for your health.

But you can do wrong fasting don’t stop you who are watching this video so enjoy and give a like that good thing is coming you ended up being together right for All those hours without eating ok feeling so victorious or victorious right for your good to improve your health to lose weight no matter what you’ve decided.

You’re going to do intermittent fasting and now you’re waiting for what to eat a tasty little thing Just but this is the most important moment of your fasting because if you didn’t do the part of breaking the fast properly then all the effort was wasted this here is a bone broth an this is all you need the moment you break it together so it’s a complex of vitamins and minerals and fat of good quality.

The Nutrients Without Having To Digest

That makes your body simply absorb the nutrients without having to digest exactly conceptions moment to break the fast and of course, I will also tell you other very cool ideas about what you can eat after that moment of breaking the fast move on to May the Lord Jesus be the best experience of your life that you achieve.

The results you want So that’s it and I advise you to get one big pot even if you can borrow this pot because the recipe that I’m going to teach you is a business and bulky the simple practical like a super simple process but I need a big pot that’s the thing to start we put Cold Water ugly and then And then And this soup has to be ready in the fridge in the freezer.

When you’re fasting, you know, so you’re going to make it before fasting there and I’m going to fast for four days together once a week like it’s just because I make it is a recipe what I do to break my fast and I already have it ready Because I fast once a week, you know, so I know that on Friday I do it, I have bone soup stored there and I do it once and look at this mark little pan is enough so.

The Bone Soup To Break The Entire Fast Remittent

When you see that two or three are missing two or three portions and you run to make your soup again now I’m going to put the bones in this cold water and the bone of the bone soup to break the entire fast remittent is a bone with marrow it is the cinnamon bone of the cinnamon of my cane in the cinnamon of the Ox of the back or front cinnamon and the ossobuco.

You can say like this ah I want another the advantage has several advantages But there is an economic advantage of this soup of another Linda is super nutritious that’s all you need to go normally I butcher will give you this thing because it’s a waste nobody normally buys ossobuco the ground bone here you understand I get mine here. You Can Also Read 7 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need To Use.

I didn’t pay anything for it and it’s wonderful I asked her to have it there, I threw it away, we throw it away, we’re going to throw it away, so you have to talk to Sueli in advance, she said Look, I’m going to need five kilos of bones For example, in my pan, it’s four, right, see What is the pan remember the more you make the sound the easier the sea and you.

Intermittent Fasting It Has To Be Programmed

‘ll have it in your freezer And then you won’t have to do it as often you understand and it doesn’t spoil the and such and the nutrients forget about three months in the freezer stays good in 5 days in the fridge calmly you understand You will get cold water and inside the Cold Waters 5 kg 43 anyway after the same size of your pan in its pan.

You managed to borrow everything in intermittent fasting it has to be programmed And this soup has to be part of your intermittent fasting after you already have the right bones in the water you turn the fire on low for example my stove goes 2019 I put like Three and a half knows four byes that’s enough for him slowly and cooking what it’s going to cook like 4 hours.

I felt what it forgets to leave it to cook and it’s going to do it goes on with your life softly it doesn’t burn you understand the water evaporates it becomes a concentrate of nutrients that are important for later and break them down I put it Like this but for the sake of it aromatic because you won’t eat anything other than drinking.

You Can Break The Fast You Will Break It With A Soup

The full broth, rich in nutrients, understand, but I’ll give you a nice taste, I’ll add onions to you go see and I add the leeks, carrots AND onions one day flavour the soup because you are not going to eat these vegetables they are good they are healthy, yes but they have fibre and what I want at this moment is just the elemental broth of nutrients wonderful just to absorb.

You can break the fast you will break it with a soup you don’t eat a salad no matter how healthy it is it has fibre and so but it requires more gastric work and you can feel discomfort you can get sick you can have a bloated belly understand Not because the salad is bad no sir very good but the fibres are not welcome at this moment So until now we have the water.

The bone and the vegetables for that flavoured Besides that, everyone will add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and here the vinegar is used to remove that more intense taste of fat, you know, I also use the factory, only if you want chilli powder, chilli peppers are an anti-inflammatory io amazing for dogs this cool factory mine is sweet paprika.

Excellent Anti-Inflammatory

But yours can be pain you see capitalism your factory can be spicy Depends on what you like eh in the cake but it’s the only seasoning I put don’t put salt it was nothing else, and here I’m going to put a tablespoon again if you like the chilli This is my recipe it has several versions of a bone soup that you look for on the internet this is my best, of course, true the one.

I make and it works the factory is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is also excellent for awakening the digestive system You can put a pepper if you are the pepper type pepper helps to intensify the flavour is also very nice Gives a nice little flavour and So and now you’re going to leave it three four five hours forgot on the stove understand this is going to make all the nutrients from.

Intermittent Fasting Always Improve

The bone comes out one for your water here o pure so that you get those good all the effects you want to lose weight for example But also to be able to reduce cholesterol and reduce intestinal inflammation and accelerate cell renewal make your cells less efficient they are used as a source of energy and your immune system cells are also quickly answers you know are produced at a higher speed so that’s.

Why intermittent fasting always improves a lot and making this soup this bone broth at the end of the intermittent ice to break the fast pass what you think together is even more efficient and exterminated them gives you even more opportunity appear easily or more efficiently understand That’s why I love this scheme and you don’t break the fast with carbohydrates with sugar, right with pasta and bread.

I understood why you have to have the right food at hand for you to break your fast to do it with that all your sacrifice is worth it because you went a long time without eating anything your intestines he’s relaxed there are no enzymes to be produced the amount of insulin has dropped a lot and these are some of the benefits.



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