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The New Way Of Making Keto Coffee

The New Way Of Making Keto Coffee

Introduction Of  The New Way Of Making Keto Coffee. The same exact keto coffee recipe for over five years and i honestly haven’t really gotten tired of it but it’s good to have some variety as well and a few weeks ago i actually created this brand new keto coffee recipe that i am obsessed with and you need to know about and it’s something that can still fit in with your weight loss or wellness goals let’s dive into the recipe.

Use Heavy Cream Coffee

So this recipe uses heavy cream coffee and vanilla extract now the first thing that we need to do is obviously get the coffee brewing i use purity coffee i’ve been using it for literally like over five years because they are organic they’re mold free which is important for me .

Because i do have a history of anxiety and i found that moldy coffee can really spike it if you guys want to check them out i do have a 20 discount code with them it tastes amazing super high quality i’ll have those details linked description below so first things first gotta grind the coffee.

You don’t have to do freshly ground coffee i do helps to preserve the oils and prevent it from going rancid lol totally forgot to start getting the water brewing let’s get that shall we okay i’m using a french press ignore the loud boiling water you can use your preferred method this is just what i like to do smells so good and just set the timer all right.

Whipped Cream Portion

So for the next step we have to make the whipped cream portion which it’s super easy to make usually when we do this we just have leftover whipped cream from the night before that we had as a dessert to go along with strawberries so typically i wouldn’t be making this in the morning instead i would just be using leftovers.

You can keep this whipped cream in the fridge and just store it for a couple days so you don’t have to make it up each morning okay so we need the cream we need vanilla extract we need a bowl and we need a hand mixer so this might seem a lot for morning coffee like i mentioned make this night before have it for a few days super worth it.

We have this little technique where we use these two different paddles we found it makes the best froth we could be totally doing it wrong but this is just from our own experience now you don’t need to actually measure this portion because you could just make a bigger batch and not worry about measuring it the end result product .

Add One Gram Carbohydrate

You will want to stick to around two and a half tablespoons to make sure that you are going to be under one gram of carbohydrate but right now you don’t have to measure because you’re just going to be pulling out the amount you need when it’s done i would recommend making like a pints worth or maybe like a half of this yeah .

This is like halfway full so about half of a pint otherwise when you go to blend it it will just not really blend very well and kind of explode everywhere so i’m just using one of the regular organic pasture raised heavy creams you could go really fancy go for like the raw cream if you can get your hands on it it’s like twelve dollars for one of those little bottles.

So i usually just stick with the organic pasture raised okay so for the vanilla you only need a splash make sure you’re not going too heavy-handed i don’t usually measure it but for you guys i will so probably no more than a teaspoon it is an extract so you don’t need too much of it yeah teaspoon will be perfect this is so important for making it taste like.

Adding Ice Cream

You’re adding ice cream into your coffee almost like an avocado this is kind of like an avocado actually now i’m thinking about it okay now for the loud part so i’m going to fast forward through this but we are going to whip this just got to plug it in we’re going to whip this until you see what’s called stiff peaks .

So i’ll show you what that looks like and you’ll probably want to start off low and slowly increase to like medium or high okay so you can see that this looks just like regular whipped cream and it’s forming these peaks that don’t that take a while to fall down that’s when you know it’s done you don’t want to go beyond this point because then you’re just making butter okay coffee timer just went off.

I’m just going to press this down beautiful is there a better site all right now for the really cool part so we have our coffee we have our whipped cream zero sugar now for making your coffee so if you had already pre-made this the night before like if you had some left over from dessert all you have to do is pull this out of the fridge.

Use Vanilla Extract

And it’s ready to go now you can use a measuring spoon if you want remember you want about no more than two and a half tablespoons if you’re using this during your fast and then you don’t even have to stir this you just pour this over the coffee over the cream oh my gosh look it literally makes its own froth i’m whispering as if it’s like a holy time.

But look at that you guys saw that happen it literally makes its own froth it’s so cool oh trev it’s like you came out and knew it was coffee time that’s it news so good all right now i get the official taste test cheers so it obviously gets its fresh creaminess from the heavy cream but it makes such a nice froth.

At the top it feels like you’re having a vanilla latte and the vanilla extract makes it feel like you’re also having vanilla latte without the sugar it’s amazing you need to try it i’ve been obsessed so good i love coffee so if you want to check out what i eat in a day including when i have my keto coffee.



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