US woman lost inside storm drain rescued after three weeks

New Delhi: In a curious case, a woman from Florida’s Delray Beach was rescued from inside a storm drain after reports of the woman being spotted in a sewer on Tuesday.

Passersby saw the woman inside the storm drain near Atlantic Avenue and Southwest 11th Avenue, she was sitting inside unclothed.

A Delray Beach Fire Rescue team freed the girl and took her to a hospital where she was being treated for dehydration, as reported by Palm Beach Post.

The report further said that the woman had been missing since March 3 and a missing person report was filed by her boyfriend.

The woman told investigators that the whole thing began on March 2 when she went to a canal for a swim near her boyfriend’s home she was reported missing the following day, authorities confirmed.

The woman told investigators she came across a doorway and decided to enter it, inside she noticed a tunnel and in a curious move decided to enter it. She went from one tunnel to the other and soon realised that she was lost.

She told investigators that she walked around the sewer for approximately three weeks.

Meanwhile, the woman’s family revealed that the woman struggled with mental illness and had a history of making odd decisions. The woman has not been identified by the Palm Beach Post.

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